Amram Akhilam Prema Review: Aha original exclusive movie Amarn Akhilam Prema is finally streaming on the platform, the movie is a Romantic Drama created by Jonathan Edwards, here in the post I am going to review the movie, I would talk about the story, performances and other details including the key Highlights of the movie.

The movie stars Shiv Shakti Sachdev as Akhila and Vijay Ram as Amar and as the name suggests the movie is a love story between these two, the movie also stars Srikanth Iyengar, who is playing the role of Akhila’s Father, let’s jump to the review.


The movie revolves around Akhila and Amar, After completing the Engineering Akhila moves to the Hyderabad for the Civil Services Preparation and there she spotted by our Hero Amar who wants to become a Musician. After he saw Akhila he falls for her and he does everything to impress her, from portraying the Cable Boy to the water delivery boy just to impress her. When he meets her, Akhila disclosed something that shocks Amar, what were the secrets, what was the past of Akhila and what happens after that, the movie is all about that and you have to watch the movie on Aha Video to know what happens next.


Well, if I talk about the performances, Vijay Ram is just above the average Srikanth Iyengar is good as a father of Akhila, the main highlight of the movie is Shivshakti’s performances, she is brilliant and I liked her acting most, she is just perfect in every expression and she was equally good while dialogue delivery, Vijay Ram is not that bad but he looks missing in few frames and Shiv Shakti outshine him.


The movie is very predictable and the plot looks old, it is just another romantic movie with a new star cast, there is nothing new in the movie and the ending is almost predictable, there are many scenes which can drag you, useless conversations can bore you, the message of the movie is brilliant but the plot and the whole story lacks at many levels.


I Am going with 2 out of 5 stars for the movie, 1 star is for the Akhila’s performances and another one is for the beautiful message from the movie, rest the movie has nothing to show, if you still want to watch this, You can check the movie on Aha Video.

This was our’s Amram Akhilam Prema Review, What are your opinions about the movie, have u watched it? please let us know your reviews in the comments section, for more posts and updates like this on the web and digital release, stay tuned with us.


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