Monsieur Spade Episode 2: AMC released their six episodic mystery thriller with Samuel Spade a popular character from a novel. Tells about some incidents happening in a village where Samuel goes to deliver his friend’s daughter to her husband as he promised. But he was not the guy Samuel thought he was.

The episode starts with Samuel speaking with the Police. Police ask if Samuel’s gun is there, Samuel says if anyone wants to shoot him he needs to come with his gun. Samuel comes home and tells the maid that the sisters died at the orphanage.

Pierre has some post-traumatic issues of him when he was in the army, we see him getting memories of him in the army. Cut to Samuel’s home, he checked Teresa’s room but couldn’t see her. Even the maid didn’t see her morning, so Sam guessed either she had gone out night or someone took her. He tried to go out but someone tore his car tires before, so he took his old car. When he was going he saw the painter, the painter saw Teresa running with muddy legs, she looked upset.

Samuel went to the orphanage but she is not there too, Samuel heard a bell at the chapel. Looks like Teresa at the chapel, she is smoking even though she if coughing. Samuel tells her to decide whether she come with him or wait for Phillipe to come and get her.

As Samuel and Teresa go in a car someone shoots a bullet behind the car. The shield glass broke because of the gunshot. Samuel looked at the shooter standing their way back. He pressed Teresa’s head below to avoid getting shot and took a reverse on the car to hit the shooter standing back. But the shooter escapes in his bike very fast. After a chase between them, Samuel is unable to catch him.

Police officers kept asking questions about the shooters but Samuel faked the story to avoid them, Terese handover her dress which had blood stains from the last killing incident that happened at the orphanage and told them that she explained everything to Samuel, police could ask him questions related to the incident.
Samuel meets people to know the whereabouts of the sisters who got killed.

They got a chain from the new nun, and her file is also missing. We can see a flashback of Patrice with the chief nun, they were the ones fighting at wartime. A new investigator came to get the files to transport nuns’ bodies to Paris but Patrice shouted at him and denied it, he said she was his well-known person and he would investigate it whatever happened. The painter comes with his mother and asks for Samuel’s permission to see his house and see her husband painting there.

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At the end of the episode, Teresa speaks with Samuel. As Samuel starts asking about the reality of what happened at the orphanage that day, Teresa starts talking the real incidents. We can see flashback scenes of what happened there. The lie that Phillipe was there was a lie she said. Phillipe had a boy in his custody, he came to the orphanage and told Teresa to hide that kid. She hid him in the chapel.

The new nun has a chain on her with a locket of the photo of her and that boy she hid, as Samuel shows that locket Teresa tells its that boy and nun. While she was hiding the kid she heard children screaming and running, she came and looked at those children outside. She took a knife and went to the prayer hall. There was a monk there asking for that kid, and shot each nun that doesn’t tell. While he was asking and shooting he told the new nun Angelique to look when he was killing them.

After he killed those sisters he saw Teresa was there. He came to her and threatened her, while he was holding her she took her knife and stabbed him in the stomach and she ran away. Teresa adds that right before Angelique got shot she said “Please, The Mahdis wait for us” to the monk. In the end, we can see that lost kid Zahid hiding at the pub of Marguerita with a gun in his hand.

We can see more explanations about the kid in the next episode as the promo looks like having an answer to the kid. In the promo, we can see Samuel going to meet the bishop with Patrice.

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