Karma Calling Episode 1: Hotstar’s original series ‘Karmaa Calling’ is now streaming with 7 Episodes on Hotstar. We are going to cover the episode-wise recap of the show, and here is the episode 1 recap and explanation. Please note that the post may contain spoilers.

The first episode of the show starts with the character introduction of some main lead characters of the show. I will tell you about them one by one. First, we get to Indrani Kothari, who is the main lead and the billionaire of Mumbai. She is very influential and powerful. Later on, we get introduced to Mr. Kaushal Kothari, the husband of Indarani, and then their children Ahaan and Meera Kothari.

We get to see Ambika, aka Karmaa Talwar, who has returned to Mumbai after 18-20 years with a changed name, and she wants to take revenge for her father’s death from Kothari, as they were involved in the death of Ambika’s father.

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The show starts at an engagement ceremony where we see that Karmaa and Ahaan Kothari are going to get engaged with each other, and Indrani is hosting the party. In between this, we see Meera running towards the stage, saying that Ahaan is no more.

Everyone rushes towards the beach, and there we see that Ahaan is lying dead on the beach. In the midst of this, we get to see another character named Vedant (He owns a nearby coffee shop) who is near the dead body of Ahaan, and he takes his phone before anyone arrives.

The story now takes a flashback, going back 6 weeks, where we see that Karmaa Talwar has recently shifted to a rented house named ‘Ashiana,’ which is nearby Kothari’s house. The next day, we see that Kaushal is having an affair with Indrani’s best friend Dolly Bhatia. When Kaushal and Dolly are in a hotel, Karmaa sees them.

On the other hand, Indrani is hosting a Karva Chauth Party, and Karmaa is also a guest at the party. In the party, Karmaa gives a hint to Indrani that Dolly is having an affair with her husband, and Indrani throws out Dolly from society.

Karmaa meets Ahaan here, and they get introduced to each other. Indrani suspects that there is something wrong with Karmaa, and she orders her men to spy on her. On the other hand, we get introduced to Zane Khan, who used to work with Karmaa’s father.

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He says that he is going to help her in everything and in her revenge, and episode 1 ends here. Episode 1 looks decent as of now and the story looks gripping. It will be interesting to see the other coming episodes.



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