Captivating The King Episode 1: Netflix’s original Korean Drama series ‘Captivating The King’ is now streaming on Netflix with the first 2 episodes. The show is one of the most buzzed Korean dramas this year, and here in this post, we are going to discuss the new ongoing South Korean TV series whose name is “Captivating the King.”

The first episode starts with a village scene where we can see the situation after Qing invaded Joseon. A lot of people can be seen dead there. The King has lost, and he has to surrender his few countrymen along with his younger brother, Grand Prince Jinhan, as captives. The entire state is in sorrow as their Prince is being taken by the soldiers as a captive.

Prince Jinhan seems to be curious about how a small village named Qing became so powerful in a short period and invaded big states like Joseon and won everything. After he reached Qing, he even wrote a few letters back home, and after helping Prince Rui of Qing, he got the permission to return back to his native Joseon. But upon coming back, he wasn’t allowed to enter the Royal House and was made to wait outside the main gate.

Later, when he went to meet his elder brother, the elder brother asked him to call him a king instead of an elder brother and even told him to remember this later whenever he meets him. After this behavior from his brother, he came back.

Later on, he came to know that there is a rumor in the entire state that he is working with Prince Rui for the sake of becoming the king of Joseon, and then he understood why his brother was behaving differently with him. Then in the next scene, Prince Jinhan saw a player playing the game “Banduk” with other people, and he won and left from there.

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When Prince went there to inquire about the player with the locals, they told that the player made a deal of telling his name if he loses the game “Banduk” against someone but unfortunately, no one won, and hence they don’t know his name. Upon hearing this, Prince Jinhan went behind the player to know about him but wasn’t able to find him.

Then there is the scene where the player gets attacked by some goons, but suddenly Prince arrives there and saved him but meanwhile got himself a cut on his arm by the knife. Looking at this, the player got too scared, to which Prince replied, “You seem to be weaker than you look, so it’s good that he got that cut instead of him; otherwise, you wouldn’t have borne the pain.” Meanwhile, the bodyguard of Prince arrives, and upon seeing the cut, he runs behind the guy who gave that cut, and there episode 1 ends.



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