M.S. Dhoni TURMS T ShirtShark Tank Season 3 India is now streaming on a daily basis, and the show is bigger and better with the new entry of Judges and some great innovative ideas and products. Episode 4 of the show was something that was fun to watch, where we get to see a product called TURMS.

An interesting incident happened during the pitch when the owner of the brand claimed that his product is used by Captain Cool M.S Dhoni very often. Since then, many of our readers have been asking about the fact check behind this and whether it is really true. Here, we are going to tell everything about it.

So, the show starts with the CEO of TURMS pitching the deal, and it was about his clothing brand TUMRS, which is stain-free, smell-free, and can be used for so many days without any smell or dirt issues. He mentions that the brand is used by M.S Dhoni very often and was spotted so many times wearing the shirt of their brand.

While checking the pictures of MSD, we found that the news is true. MSD uses the clothes made by UTUMRS at regular intervals, and he was spotted so many times wearing those T-shirts and even shirts. One thing is sure: M.S Dhoni is a regular customer of their brand.

You may have a look at one of the pictures of MSD.

URturms.com | Intelligent Apparel

By the end of the pitch, the CEO manages to crack the deal with Azhar Iqbal, the founder of Inshort. Episode 4 is now streaming on SonyLiv.



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