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‘Delete’ Series Episode 1: Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

‘Delete’ Series Episode 1:Netflix presents a Thai mysterious thriller drama series called “Delete,” which is currently streaming on Netflix with English and Thai language options, along with subtitles. We will discuss a recap of each episode in this eight-episode series. Before we begin, let’s have a quick overview of the story. The series revolves around love, betrayal, and affairs connected to a mysterious camera that can actually make someone vanish.

The story starts with a girl in a supermarket who meets a lady. The girl is in a very bad situation, shivering, and asks the lady, “Would you please take a photo of me?” She hands over a device that only has a lens, instructing the lady to press the button on the bottom. When the lady clicks the picture and sees a red dot on the girl’s body in the display, she is surprised to find that the girl has vanished in a flash.

Now, let’s go back one week earlier, near a sea beach. Lilly is in bed reading a book titled “Lost & Found” by AIM ARTHIT THAMMANIT. Aim is sleeping beside her. Lilly praises Aim for getting lost in a jungle and surviving, showing how brave he is. We see them happy and enjoying their lives near the beach. Later, they leave the beach, but Aim doesn’t go with Lilly in the same car. Inside the car, Lilly gives a letter to the driver, and after reading it, the driver says, “If Mr. Too asks, I’ll say you went on a business trip to Koh Chang on your own.”

After that, Aim arrives at his apartment and starts writing for a new book. Later, he meets his wife, Orn, who notices that Aim is not happy. When Orn goes for a shower, she gets stuck by a pin in the bathroom. She realizes something and leaves the next day. Later, we see Aim giving an interview for his book. After the shoot ends, he receives a call from Mr. Too, Lilly’s husband.

Lilly lives with her husband Mr. Too at Roongroj Farm. After returning home, Lilly starts cleaning her beach dresses as Mr. Too is not at home. Mr. Too hasn’t returned from the stables, as informed by the maid to Lilly. Lilly hides Aim’s book and wears the diamond ring that Mr. Too gave her. In the stable, a horse escapes and crashes into the gate. Lilly takes care of the horse and mentions that she will ask her friend, a vet, to come and see it. Lilly meets her husband, Mr. Too, who notices money from her driver and wants to fire him. However, Lilly explains that she gave the money to him because he had worked hard. Soon after, Mr. Too kills the injured horse with a gun.

Delete Netflix Series

In Lilly’s art gallery, Mr. Too arrives and asks to borrow her office for a meeting. Later, Aim arrives, surprising Lilly. Aim had previously interviewed Lilly, so he knows her, and Mr. Too is aware of this. Mr. Too asks Aim to write a history of their family and invites him to his house. Lilly suspects that her husband might know about their affair but hasn’t caught them yet.

On the other hand, Aim tells Lilly that he is going to leave Orn. So, Lilly and Aim share a deep love and intimacy in Aim’s house. In this scene, a camera is seen between the bookshelves of Aim. While returning home, Lilly feels unwell and goes to the supermarket. In another scene, Orn shows Aim a secret affair clip between Aim and Lilly. Orn wants him to end the relationship so that she can forget. But Aim says he can’t do that because he loves Lilly and doesn’t care about Orn anymore. Orn threatens to reveal the truth about his book and starts blackmailing him.

After the supermarket, Lilly asks Aim to come to the art gallery, where she reveals the story of the girl who vanished after taking pictures. Aim finds it hard to believe, so Lilly starts taking pictures in the art gallery, but nothing happens; the pictures don’t vanish. After seeing this, Aim takes the device and captures a photo of a poor man sleeping on the roadside, and he vanishes. Aim informs Lilly that Orn knows about their relationship through a secret camera. The only thing they have is the camera. Aim tries to take pictures of Orn, but he can’t bring himself to do it because of the old memories associated with the camera. Nevertheless, Aim has already made his choice and clicks the button on the camera.

There are two cameras: one that recorded the affair between Aim and Lilly and another that can make people vanish. By placing the camera over someone and clicking the button, a red dot appears, and when the flash goes off, the person’s existence is completely erased. What will happen next? Will Orn also vanish? Let’s find out in the next episode.

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