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‘Delete’ Series Episode 2: Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

Where is Lilly? Who killed her? Or who deleted her through that camera? To find the answers, let’s discuss the recap of episode 2.

‘Delete’ Series Episode 2: It started with Orn finding a video of her boyfriend’s affair while crying in a hospital where her mother was admitted. She wanted a life with Aim and her mother together. But we know that her mother didn’t remember anything, and Aim was also leaving her.

Let’s go back to the scene where Orn completely vanished or deleted. Aim messaged this to Lilly, and upon receiving the message, she headed to Aim’s apartment. Here, she also discovered that she was pregnant. While in her car, she realized that her husband had already replaced her personal driver. The new driver secretly kept an eye on her, but she somehow managed to reach Aim’s house. Aim wasn’t happy at all, but he and Lilly decided to act like nothing happened. After leaving the apartment, Aim noticed they were being followed by a car, assuming it was Mr. Too. Lilly now had the camera and wanted to make her husband vanish.

When she arrived, she found her husband in the kitchen, and she was very close to taking a picture of him when he surprised her with a birthday party. Lilly’s plan was unsuccessful, and later at the dinner party, she went to the bathroom and left them. Mr. Too started doubting her again. After returning from the bathroom, Lilly encountered June, whom she apologized to.

June told her that everyone knew about her affair. After the party ended, Mr. Too took Lilly to the stable, where Mr. Too presented a horse to her. He also knew about the affair. From here, we know that it wasn’t easy for them after losing the baby. He understood her feelings but wanted to make everything right. He hugged her, and in that moment, Lilly informed him that she was pregnant with Aim’s child. Hearing this, Mr. Too became speechless, but what happened next was not shown.

Later, we found Aim suffering from trauma, trying to call Lilly. During that time, he heard the news that Lilly went missing, and her husband filed a missing person report. Mr. Too stated in front of reporters that they had celebrated Lilly’s birthday the previous day. After the party, Lilly said goodbye to the guests and went to bed. But when Mr. Too woke up, he found Lilly missing. The farm security guard said he saw Lilly driving away in midnight, which was very unusual for her to leave the farm alone at night. The police found the car undamaged with no signs of forced entry. Some money was found in the car, but her cell phone was completely damaged.

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Aim went to the spot where the car was found, and Mr. Too asked him why he was there. Aim replied that he just came to check the spot. The next day, Aim went to Mr. Too’s home as he had requested him to write about his family. Since Mr. Too was busy with work and not present at home, Aim went upstairs and found Lilly’s room. There, he found the book he had signed and given to Lilly.

When Mr. Too found him, Aim said he was searching for the bathroom and ended up there. Later, they went to the stable, where Mr. Too showed him the same horse he had gifted to Lilly. Mr. Too mentioned that Lilly was pregnant. Since Aim didn’t know about it, he became speechless. At that moment, Mr. Too tried to take something out of his pocket, and Aim realized it was the same device, so he attacked him. Aim wrestled with Mr. Too, grabbing his arm and overpowering him.

After the fight, Aim asked Mr. Too about Lilly, questioning if he deleted her and where her phone was. However, it seemed that Mr. Too also didn’t know about her. He asked Aim where he had taken Lilly.

This is how Episode 2 ended. It appears that both of them are unaware of Lilly’s whereabouts and the location of the camera. Let’s move on to the next episode to find out more. The show is now streaming on Netflix.

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