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The Witcher Season 3 Episode 3: Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

The Witcher Season 3 Episode 3: Another girl calls herself Ciri, but who is the actual Ciri? Let’s find out the answer in the recap of episode 3. We are covering the Episode wise recap of the show and here is the recap of Episode 3 of the season 3 of the show.

It starts with Jaskier talking to a girl about Geralt. While he is enjoying his time with her, Geralt arrives there. He sees Jaskier with the girl who claims to be Ciri. They want to take her to Anika to cure the girl’s lucid trauma. Geralt meets Otto and Anika. After Anika understands her, she says she and Otto met at the Temple of Truth. Anika also mentions that the girl’s mind is bound with mind control enhancement, a powerful magic. Whoever is controlling her might be very strong.

Later, Geralt asks Jaskier about Yarpen Zigrin talking to Philippa in Ban Gleán. He wants to know what Dijkstra wants from him. Jaskier says that Dijkstra wants to take Ciri to Redania, and Jaskier agrees. Jaskier wants Ciri to be safe in her palace, but Geralt doesn’t want this. Later, he goes back to the girl and asks her about the source. The girl, named Teryn, talks about a man who scared her and gave her to a woman.

Suddenly, the girl becomes possessed and claims she is the destiny of Ciri and the Destroyer of Nations is upon them. She injures Anika with her uncontrollable power. While talking with Anika, Geralt learns about her mother and the tough choices she had to make. Geralt becomes emotional while talking about her mother and also shares how he lost her. Geralt doesn’t want to abandon Ciri at any cost. He wants to go to Aretuza.

The Witcher Season 3
The Witcher Season 3

Yennefer & Ciri arrive at a dwarven bank and meet Giancardi. He gives them money. Yennefer demands a chaperone for Ciri, so Giancardi appoints Fabrio. He also gives Yennefer a necklace to use if any problems arise. On the other side, Yennefer takes a vault from Giancardi because she wants to talk to Tissaia.

Yennefer tells her about Rience, who is after Ciri, but she also mentions that someone more powerful is controlling him. Ciri is an extraordinary girl, which is why Yennefer requests Tissaia’s protection for her. However, Tissaia knows that Ciri is a sign of chaos and is afraid. Yennefer needs help, and Tissaia agrees to help her. Meanwhile, Ciri is roaming the market with the boy. She sees a picture of a castle and asks him about it.

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The guy replies that it’s “Thanedd Island,” the home of Aretuza, the same place where Yennefer gained her powers in season 1. Later, they go to see a creature. In the midst of the crowd, Ciri says it’s a Wyvern and that it needs food. The creature later escapes from its cage. After that, Ciri signals Yennefer because she senses danger. Yennefer, Rita, Sabrina, and Tissaia meet with Ciri. Yennefer wants to organize a conclave for sorcerers. On the other side, Ciri calls Geralt as she needs him the most.

Vizimir in his castle is playing with his armies, but Dijkstra is trying to make him take things more seriously, though he doesn’t listen. Vizimir wants only Ciri. Philippa thinks Tissaia could help them. Vizimir gets a surprise from Nilfgaard, and when he opens it, he finds the decapitated head of his wife, which was done by Philippa and Dijkstra, as they want Vizimir to be on the right track. Philippa discovers that Rience is working for Nilfgaard.

The Witcher Season 3
The Witcher Season 3

Istredd meets a girl for a book of Monoliths. The girl says that the book is in Aretuza. On the other side, Cahir and Gallatin meet with Emhyr. He also mentions that Francesca is searching for Ciri. Cahir says he always has dreams about Ciri. Emhyr demands loyalty from Cahir, and to prove it, Cahir kills his friend Gallatin.

In the end, Ciri leaves Aretuza. Right then, she sees the Wraiths of Mörhogg, and Eredin is chasing her, descending from the sky. They are all after Ciri, demanding her to join them. Just at that moment, Geralt arrives and saves her. So, Geralt and Ciri are reunited again. Let’s see what will happen next because the Mörhogg are also after Ciri.

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