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The Witcher Season 3 Episode 4: Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

The Witcher Season 3 Episode 4: Yennefer organizes a Conclave. Before reaching there, Geralt and Ciri must face a sea monster. What will happen next? Will they survive or not? Let’s find out in the quick recap of episode 4.

Cahir sees a vision of Ciri. King Emhyr gives him everything he wants, but before that, he has to target Francesca. Because of that, Emhyr takes back her daughter.

Yennefer is among all the sorcerers. She wants to reunite the Continent and bring everyone together. All the sorcerers agree with her decision. Philippa and Tissaia are good friends. Other sorcerers are sending inventions to the continents. Istredd is looking for the books of Monoliths. When Tiss notices that girls have gone missing, Istredd says it must be linked to that book, so they have to find it.

Vilgefortz will create a safe portal so that Yennefer can go to the nations and talk about their plans. During the travel through the portal, Yennefer finds a corrupted portal that takes her near a black sea. Later, Tiss comes and says that something isn’t going right here.

Ciri and Geralt are now heading back to Aretuza. Ciri doesn’t want to go there because she said something wrong to Yennefer, but later she agrees. They meet Jaskier, and they hear that a monster is in the sea. Geralt asks a sailor if they will accept killing that monster as payment for passage. The sailor guy agrees to it. The old sailor also saw the Wild Hunters, meaning the armies of Mörhogg. Jaskier meets Valdo, who is also heading toward the Brotherhood party.

The Witcher Season 3
The Witcher Season 3

Geralt tells Ciri that one day she will be a great queen. Aeschna, the monster, is lying under the sea. It soon comes and attacks everyone on the boat. Ciri and Geralt fight with it, and Ciri delivers the final blow, killing it. They finally reach Arizona. Geralt says that in the castle, he found Teryn and how she thinks like Ciri. Geralt also says that the magician is controlling all the other girls, so they must find that magician.

Philippa informs Dijkstra that Rience can communicate through a girl who can’t talk. Philippa also wants to crash the Brotherhood party organized by Yennefer. Yennefer goes to talk with Philippa because she wants everyone to come together to attack Rience. Vizimir allows Dijkstra, Philippa, and Radovid to go with Yennefer.

Finally, Yennefer meets with Geralt, Ciri, and Jaskier. Ciri apologizes to Yennefer. Yennefer and Geralt kiss each other. Later, we see Ciri and Jaskier together, and they are not going to the Conclave. During the night, when Ciri falls asleep, after hearing a noise, Jaskier finds Radovid has come all the way to meet him.

On the other side, Cahir meets with Francesca and says that Gallatin left him. He asks Francesca why she wants Ciri. Francesca wants her because of Prophecy, as Ciri is a Hen Ichaer, a protector of elves. Cahir says she is a princess, so she must be in her kingdom. That’s why Cahir says they must work together to find Ciri.

On the other side, Aplegatt was killed by someone with an arrow. Istredd and Tiss meet and see a vision of a coffin. After Yennefer discusses that illusion with Geralt, she says they find out that the one backing up Rience must be here. After thinking more, they both realize it must be Stregobor. But they need perfect proof before attacking him because only he knows illusion magic, and he also hates Yennefer.

Finally, everyone is ready for the Conclave, and everybody is ready for something. Let’s see what will happen at the Conclave. Now let’s see what will happen next in episode 5.

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