The Witcher Season 3 Episode 2: Geralt & Ciri are separated, and now they face new problems. As we are doing an episode-wise recap, let’s know about episode 2.

A royal messenger named Aplegatt is here in the shop, sent by King Demavend. When he leaves the place, he meets Ciri. Ciri can see visions where that man will die very soon. She wants to warn the man, but Yennefer stops her from revealing her identity. Jaskier & Geralt are together on the adventure when they meet Codringher. Geralt learns that Rience was kicked out of Ban Ard and became a killer.

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So, he is working for a big sorcerer. He also gets information that some official sorcerers have secret pupils for doing illegal and dirty business. In sorcerer slang, it’s described as having someone on a leash. It’s unknown who is the Leash of Rience, but he is in the castle in Vuilpanne near the scarlet Ammonite Mines. Codringher informs Geralt. They are also aware that everyone is searching for Ciri.

Geralt leaves Jaskier because he wants to go alone to Vuilpanne. After reaching there, Geralt understands it may be a trap, but he still enters the castle. He drinks Blizzard because he feels some danger. He finds lots of people trapped there and saves a girl who tells him about a monster. After a long fight, the Witcher kills that monster.

On the other side, Yennefer & Ciri are together now. They go to a shop to meet Keira. They both want portals from Keira to go to Aretuza and meet Tissaia. Soon in the shop, a man comes with a boy in prison who wants to go to Claremont through a portal. Ciri sees visions when she looks at that boy. After that, Ciri cuts the rope and lets the boy go, but the man becomes angry, and Yennefer kills him.

Keira says he was one of Houvenaghel’s men. Keira warns them to leave, and Ciri & Yennefer leave the place. Stregobor and Artorius are discussing something. Stregobor wants to kill Ciri, and Tissaia is also with them. Triss finds a girl named Nissa but finds something strange on the wall.

The Witcher Season 3
The Witcher Season 3

Dijkstra is in the castle where Philippa asks him about the elf. Philippa tortures him so that Dijkstra understands his problems. Then, Philippa asks him to talk with Radovid. Later, we see Jaskier meeting Radovid and giving him information about Rience. He asks him to collect more information because Geralt doesn’t have enough money. Radovid is impressed and ready to help Jaskier. Gallatin meets Cahir and saves him from soldiers. Cahir has nightmares about Ciri. Gallatin wants him to kill Ciri.

In the end, we see Rience meeting Codringher and burning their whole room. Tissaia reads Yennefer’s letter. She and Vilgefortz are now together. They love each other. On the other side, Yennefer takes Ciri to her old home and shows her all of Yennefer’s past. She also tells Ciri to control Chaos, which is the most important thing to master in magic.

At the very end, the Witcher is with the girl in a forest, but the surprise is when the girl says she is Ciri. So, who is the real Ciri? Let’s find out.

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