Death And Other Details Episode 8 Release Date: Hulu presents a mystery crime thriller investigation series. A group of wealthy people were travelling on a business vacation on a Mediterranean ship, an unexpected murder took place at the cruise ship. Things will go worse when their dirty secrets start revealing one by one which makes the core plot of the show.

Death and other details premiered on January 16, 2024, through Hulu. The show has a total ten episodes, already seven episodes have been released. Each episode from the show has a minimum duration of fifty minutes. So far each episode ended with an excellent ending with twists and cliffhangers. The last episode also ended with a shocking development on Imogene’s mother’s case.

The last episode concentrated solely on Imogene’s flashback memories. Rufus Coteworth and Imogene Scott tried their best to gather more details about her mother’s death. Started with Rufus Coteworth’s point of view, but due to fewer clues on his side, they changed into Imogene’s memories.

When Imogene went to her past memories of talking with her mother at the restaurant, she found out a woman arguing with her mother. The woman was none other than Governor Alexandra, they were talking about the death of workers at collier mills. Alexandra was covering for them. But, same time Imogene saw the woman who was supposed to be witness for the death, it’s Celia chun who was going to be the witness.

The upcoming episodes will focus on Imogene’s mother’s case. Kira’s meeting with Celia chun changed the whole perspective of the show. The Chun family already bought numerous share from the collier mills, now they are the one who are going to lead the company. Imogene going to confront Celia chun and interrogate her about the death of Imogene’s mother.

Lawrence Collier is the main mastermind behind the business, he bribed everyone to make things go away. The world doesn’t know about the toxic chemicals used at the collier mills, Imogene and Rufus Coteworth going to reveal everything to the world in next episodes.

‘Death and Other Details’ episode 8 date announced by Hulu. The eighth episode is scheduled to premiere on February 27 . Out of a total of ten episodes, they already released seven episodes through Hulu. They have been releasing one episode per week. The next episode will arrive on Tuesday. Let’s wait for more secrets to be unveiled about the dirty works of the Collier family.

All seven episodes of ‘Death and other details’ now streaming through hulu with English subtitles.



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