From the creator of the famous series “Band of Brothers” and executive producers Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks, AppleTV released yet another historical war drama with the real-life story adapted from the best-selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller.

This series talks about the hurdles faced by the American bomber groups while fighting against Nazis at World War II. The story mainly focuses on the characters Buck and Bucky, two well-experienced Air Force soldiers who worked their best to fight against Germany up in the air.

The last episode was very engaging. It truly was one of the best episodes in the series. Egan was found in Germany after his flight went down. The kids there saw him and somehow he couldn’t escape and he got caught. They took him to otherplace and he almost died there getting beaten up by the citizens there.

He got injured and almost got killed. They thought he was dead and tried to bury him with other Americans But he somehow ran and escaped from there.

“Masters of the Air” Episode 7 Release Date & Time

Crosby took a break as he is not in a good mood after the death of Bubbles. He needed some time off from his work. Rosenthal and his crew went on a vacation as they were on a continuous mission and they needed to consult the doctor for overworking. Crosby went out with the lady who is in the same room at Oxford. Crosby and others told some stories about their old experiences.

Cut to John Egan, he reached the prison on a train with other Americans. Everyone started calling Egan’s name as he was their commander. Egan starts to look for Cleven, and they see each other at the prison.

The next episode could be a banger seeing the promo that came. Buck and Bucky are planning something inside the prison to get out. We can expect to see some unexpected things in the next episode.

We can see they are making some device to contact their camp and hidden inside the prison. And we see the jailers there find out the hidden device and give an alert at the prison.

Episode 7 will be available in Appletv 1st of March. It is expected to have about 49 minutes of runtime for episode 7. The first six episodes are available to stream on AppleTV with English language and subtitles.



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