Abby In ‘Can I Tell You A Secret’ Netflix: One of the most troubled women by Matthew was Abby Furness. Her life completely changed after the stalking was started by Matthew. She was emotionally tortured and was dead from Inside. Her personal life is also affected badly and she loses many relatives due to the false messaging by Matthew.

For all those who have no idea what we are talking about? Let me confirm you that we are talking about one of the Victims of Online stalker Matthew Hardy. Hardy was given 8 Years of Imprisonment by the Court for Harassing Abby and many other Women online.

Netflix’s original series ‘Can I Tell You A Secret’ tells us the story of three women named Lia, Zoe, and Abby who were constantly stalked by Matthew and their lives taken upside down after these incidents. Here we are going to tell you about Abby’s current situation. Where is she now, her Instagram, and what she is doing?

She has around 14k followers on Instagram and she is very much active there. As per her Instagram bio, She is a singer, Model and she is also very active on Onlyfans. She is currently living in the UK and there is no update about her relationship status.

You may have a look at the Instagram Handle of Abby;



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