Burning Body Ending Explained: “So, the final episode is set in the past. Here, we will find out how the murders happened and when. Let’s start the recap of this episode. We are covering the Episode recap for this series and here goes the recap and ending Explanation of the final episode of the show.

Now, let’s go back to the present to learn what exactly happened. Rosa went shopping with Pedro. After finishing shopping, she sent a voice message to Albert, telling him that she got some coupons for PortAventura at the supermarket. They planned to go there after completing their tasks. It’s worth mentioning that in this voice message, she said, “Once that thing is done.” Ester discovered this voice message from Rosa.

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It was challenging to recover a deleted message, but she managed it. This message was sent on April 30th, one day before Pedro’s death. Rosa proposed to Albert that they go to an amusement park. So, does “Once that thing is done” refer to killing Pedro?

Before the murder, a few hours earlier, Pedro sent a message to his in-laws, which means Rosa’s parents. In the message, he asked Pedro’s dad to come to La Torre and spend two days there.

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On May 1st, Rosa, Pedro, and Sophia wanted to go on a trip, but they got into a little quarrel, and Pedro decided not to go with them. Rosa mentioned being stressed about her periods as an excuse and apologized to Pedro. Later, they went for a family get-together and had a good time. They took lots of photos and posted them on social media. The prosecutor believes that Rosa wanted to show everyone that they were a happy family, possibly to use those photos for her defense. After the family get-together, they started arguing inside the car, which was part of Rosa’s plan.

After that, she called Albert on her secret mobile and informed him that she wanted to do it that night. Rosa was tired of this and wanted to end Pedro’s chapter that day. She planned to mix sleeping pills into Pedro’s food and asked Albert to come at midnight, around 2:00 AM. Albert had bought a new phone with a Chinese prepaid card, intending to use it in case of an emergency (the police couldn’t find Pedro’s medicine, as Silvia mentioned that Pedro also took those pills). Rosa mixed the pills into Pedro’s dinner, and the potent drugs made him weak, facilitating the crime. She sent Pedro to the basement room to deal with mice, and on his way back, he fell asleep in the basement.

They had a perfect plan but made one mistake. Albert went to meet Rosa at midnight, using his personal phone instead of the new one. This allowed Ester to confirm that Albert was present at Rosa’s house on the midnight of May 2nd. (If he had used his new phone, the police wouldn’t have been able to trace his location.) At midnight, Albert arrived at Rosa’s house and found Pedro sound asleep.

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Unfortunately, Ester couldn’t determine how Pedro died, as his body was completely burned. Fortunately, they found blood splatters, and after DNA testing, it was confirmed that they belonged to Pedro. This indicated that something significant had happened to him. Afterward, they placed Pedro’s body in his car. At that moment, Albert’s phone fell from his pocket, but he didn’t pick it up and drove Pedro’s car, with the lifeless body, to The Foix Reservoir. The police couldn’t locate him there.

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Little Sofia claimed that she heard noises, screams, loud bangs, and saw her mother covered in blood. Rosa had Pedro’s phone, so she called Nestor and Silvia, but they didn’t answer. On May 2nd, Pedro bought petrol, as captured by CCTV. During that time, Rosa’s parents initially stated that they saw Pedro on May 2nd, but later, they admitted that they had lied. Rosa sent fake sympathies. Pedro’s last phone call was traced to near Javi’s house, leading everyone to believe that Javi was behind the murder. It seemed like a perfect plan, but it failed because Rosa’s ex-husband, Javi, wasn’t at his home at that time.

Later, Albert and Rosa took Pedro’s car to The Foix Reservoir, an abandoned place that was perfect for executing their plan. Albert and Rosa doused Pedro’s car with gasoline, and it burned entirely. With this act, Rosa completed her mission to erase Pedro’s existence and made it appear as if Javi was the perpetrator. This plan was successful, as Rosa achieved her two goals: getting rid of Pedro and framing Javi. However, their plan failed because Rosa’s ex-husband, Javi, wasn’t at his home during that time.

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Albert, Rosa, and the Case Outcome

Meanwhile, Rosa gave her final statement. She sought justice by revealing everything Albert had done. Based on the final statement and the jury’s vote, it was confirmed that both Rosa and Albert were guilty in this case. It was deemed a premeditated murder orchestrated by Rosa and Albert. However, Ester still felt that something was missing from the case. Before the final statement, Montse requested that Rosa talk about “The Handkerchief,” but Rosa remained silent. What is this Handkerchief, and what secret does it hold?

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In the end, the court sentenced Rosa to 25 years and Albert to 20 years in prison for the murder of Pedro Rodriguez. Additionally, the accused had to cover the legal expenses of the trial and pay 885,000 Euros in compensation to the victim’s family. This trial consisted of 26 sessions, making it one of the most discussed cases in the history of Barcelona.

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In the final scenes, we see Sofia all grown up, visiting her mother in jail. Rosa expressed her love for her daughter and stated that she would appeal again to be released. However, we understand her pain as she cried alone in her cell. The series concludes here, leaving us wondering about Ester’s lingering doubts. Rosa was also given an additional 5 years of imprisonment because of her relationship with Pedro. Therefore, she will serve her sentence until 2042, at which point she will be 61 years old.

As this is a limited series, it ends here. “Burning Body” is currently available for streaming on Netflix with Hindi and English audio along with subtitles.



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