I Am Groot Season 2 Recap And Ending Explained: Marvel Studios present Animated Series ” I Am Groot” season 2 is currently streaming now in Hotstar India English language & subtitles.

Here in this article we will explain Groot’s adventures episode-wise. But, before starting the discussion let’s know about the story. Groot is a well known Marvel character & this animated series is all about his little adventures.

Episode 1

In this episode we see little groot in a jungle adventure. He Encounterd a nest & an egg on it. When he tried to examine it carefully the egg hatched & little pink bird came out. Groot started to feeding her, tranning her & play with her too. But Groot saw there aren’t only one bird infact lots of them & after coming out from egg then returned to their mother. Groot missed his little friend & let her to go with her mother.

Episode 2

Groot loves to play games but he discovered that his little gaming pad is ran out of batteries. Searching for batteries he stucked with a toy like human nose. This toy helped him to give human-like scent, so he can smells more accurate way & he enjoyed it. With the help of these he discovered the battery but realise that his room really messed up with expired foods & junks. What he will do? Will he clean those junks? Noo, he just throw that nose & again started to play game in his comfart zone.

Episode 3

In a spaceship, our little friend groot trying to make coffe but right then he found disturbance in his ship. While he watched from the window realise that he landed in a planet. And this is something a snow planet. Groot enjoyed there & make a snowman with some equipments. But the snowman get back a life & started to hit Groot. A interesting fight between mecha-snowman & Groot will give you a really visual treat. Guess who win? It’s our Groot. After winning the fight he ran from that planet with his spaceship & Started to drink coffee.

Episode 4

In night, Groot playing with a toy Nebula & A can. Suddenly, he heard some music, while he went to the windows of spaceship he found a big Ice-cream Space-ship. But, how will he buy ice-cream? He started to findout money everywhere & when he reached with those money that icecream shop already left from there. So, he went out from the ship , attacked on the shop & taken out all ice-cream!. It looks like our little friend is now really busy to taste all flavours of ice-cream.

Episode 5

This episode Started with ” The Watcher”, he tells us some exciting story. In this episode he will be our guide through the vast realities of Time. For today,we will know about a monumental prophecy about to be fulfilled. Enshrined in this ancient temple is the ” Last Seed of Drez-Lar”. Legends says the seed will emerge from the hollow ground & usher the universe into a glorious new age.

But it must need help from some bravest heroes. Our bravest hero is Groot who reached into the temple for finding the Last Seed which bears happiness & peace of this universe. But it looks like our Groot is not serious about this, he ignored all temple trap & reached there but instead of taking seed he busy to play with his ball.

The Watcher shocked by seeing Groot but he thinks Groot must be a great hero for our future.

So, that’s the ending of the Groot season 2. It’s again quite fun to watch. The animation of these shorts are really beautiful. Hopefully, the makers will give a greenlight of this series for a next season.



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