Burning Body Episode 3: “Rosa had a beautiful life with Javi, so what happened between them? How did she meet Albert, and what are they hiding? Let’s find out in this episode. We are covering the Episode-wise All Episodes recap of the show and you can check Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap for the Clear Connection.

It all started with the scene where Rosa gave birth to Sofia. After enduring a lot of pain, she finally gave birth to her. Javi was overjoyed at the arrival of their first child. Meanwhile, Albert congratulated her, knowing that she had a sexual affair with Albert. Rosa invited Albert to her birthday party. At that time, Javi trusted Albert, and it seemed there was no suspicion between them.

Javi gifted her a beautiful diamond ring at her birthday party and asked her to marry him. We saw Albert, who was silently observing everything and, yes, he felt jealous but never expressed it in front of Rosa. However, during the wedding ceremony, Albert was absent. While Rosa was happily enjoying her marriage, Albert was in a bar, battling his sadness over not getting Rosa. The dark atmosphere of the bar reflects how disturbed he was about Rosa’s marriage.

Now, back in the present, let’s try to understand what’s happening in the current situation. Ester met with Rosa and asked her why she kept Albert a secret. Ester considers the possibility that Javi may have killed Pedro out of jealousy, and she believes Albert could have done the same. However, Rosa believes that Albert never felt jealous of Pedro.

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Ester discovers that Pedro’s last known location is near Javi’s house.

Will Albert never feel jealous of Pedro? Or is it just another lie? Rosa later met with Albert and asked him to delete everything. They plan to go to PortAventura after Javi’s capture. Ester is not only watching Javi but also keeping an eye on Albert.

On May 2nd, when Pedro was near Javi’s house, Javi was in Vilanova. Ester is suspicious of Albert, so she searches through every record related to him. She finds that in 2012, Albert was fined for assaulting a street vendor. In 2014, he killed someone, and there was a witness, none other than Rosa herself. It happened on the day after Rosa’s wedding ceremony. They had gone for a raid and encountered an old man who injured Rosa with a knife. After this incident, Albert couldn’t control his anger and threw the man from a significant height.

Ester went to meet with Albert because she had doubts about him. She started interrogating him, but Albert cleverly handled every question. Albert confirmed that he had a physical relationship with Rosa. When Ester asked if he felt jealous of Pedro, Albert denied it. However, their relationship was not just physical. Everyone believes that they truly love each other. So, Albert denied it again.

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On the other hand, it is clear that Rosa’s house was shared by both her and Javi. Since he had the key to that house, he used to come there regularly.

After the incident in 2014, Rosa and Albert were both disturbed. Meanwhile, Javi was troubled by Rosa’s past. So, when Rosa was not in her room, he tried to search her phone. After searching for a long time, he found a burner phone. Rosa defended Albert, claiming that the man had slipped and fallen to his death. We know that Rosa was the only witness to that incident, so she helped Albert.

After that incident, she met Pedro for the first time, who was standing outside the bar. Pedro was a married man at that time. So, how did she fall in love with him?

Ester wants to tap Rosa and Albert’s phones because she senses something peculiar between them. In the end, we see Rosa and Albert having lunch with Sofia. Little Sofia hesitates to accept Albert. Next, we will discover how she fell in love with Pedro. Let’s move on to the next episode.”



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