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Burning Body Episode 1: Recap, Summary and Ending Explained | El Cuerpo En llamas

Burning Body Episode 1: “Netflix presents an eight-episode Spanish crime thriller series called “Burning Body,” which is currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles.

The series is based on real events, but for dramatic purposes, it has been changed. It is based on the real crime of the Guàrdia Urbana that occurred in 2017. We will discuss a recap episode-wise, but before the discussion, let’s learn about the story. The story revolves around a love triangle involving a female cop, entangled with themes of sex, cheating, affairs, and scandals.

The show starts with a bang, where an unknown body in a black coat burns a car at night. This dramatic scene hints at an intriguing story from the past. Now, we are introduced to the star cast of the show, Rosa, a police officer, who is missing her husband Pedro. She sends him a message, and Pedro mentions needing some time for work. Rosa also has a beautiful daughter, whom she loves dearly, but she also misses her husband, Pedro. The reason for Pedro leaving her is still unknown to us.

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The next day, Rosa’s father asks if she has found him, but Rosa informs him that she couldn’t. At that time, Pedro’s ex-wife Silvia calls Rosa, expressing her concern and also looking for him. Silvia also has a son and wants to bring her child to the precinct, but Pedro’s custody is complicating matters. It appears that even after their breakup, Silvia still relies on Pedro. While talking with Rosa, Silvia realizes that Pedro left her room.

Meanwhile, Rosa is busy trying to win custody to keep her daughter with her. However, Rosa’s child, Sofia, is not Pedro’s daughter; she is from Rosa’s first husband, Javi. Javi wants to take custody of his daughter, Sofia, but Rosa is against it. Rosa believes that Pedro is trying to harm her, but the reasons behind his actions remain unclear. What actually happened between them? Let’s find out.

Burning Body cast

Afterward, we see Albert meeting with Rosa. Rosa’s parents seem to admire Albert. Later, they attend Vicente’s retirement party. In the midst of the celebration, an unknown person from the Foix Reservoir calls the fire safety department and reports a burned car found in the forest. Rosa enjoys lunch and a dinner party with her colleagues. During this time, a fellow police officer informs Pedro through a voice message that he saw Rosa with Albert.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the burned car at the Foix Reservoir, discovering a burned dead body inside, which turns out to be a police officer’s car. Detective Ester Varona from the Department of Criminal Investigation of the Mossos d’Esquadra is tasked with investigating the case. She sends a voice message to Mr. Pedro Rodríguez, the car’s owner. Further inspection reveals an implant used for back surgery.

Sofia is now with her grandparents. Juan, Rosa’s father, goes to the basement but struggles to open the door, which seems stuck. When Rosa returns home, she also attempts to open it without success, and eventually, they leave it alone. The next day, Detective Ester meets with Rosa. Ester is trying to locate Pedro, but Rosa mentions that she has no information. Rosa also shares her ongoing struggles with her ex regarding her daughter’s custody and the argument she had with Pedro.

She suggests that Pedro may return after some time. Ester informs Rosa about the discovery of the burned car near the Foix Reservoir and the presence of a dead body inside. The discussion then turns to whether Pedro had back surgery, as an implant matching his surgery’s serial number was found in the car. Hearing this, Rosa starts crying and later meets with Ester in her office.

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Ester begins interrogating Rosa, who reveals that Pedro didn’t inform her about anything before leaving home. Ester suspects Pedro’s involvement in illegal activities, but Rosa denies it. However, she suggests that Pedro may have been associated with narcotics, which could explain his secrecy about his work. The last time they argued was on Tuesday morning while discussing taxes. Rosa can’t comprehend what just happened, and Sofia is angry, refusing to speak with her mother.

Burning Body

Later, Rosa attends a memorial ceremony for Pedro, where his ex-wife Silvia is also present. As Pedro was a police officer, other constables also attend the ceremony. There is speculation about Pedro’s involvement with drugs due to his recent behavior, considering his role as a transit officer who may have encountered drug dealers seeking revenge. However, the police have not yet found any evidence to support this theory.

While Rosa is with her friends, Javi arrives to meet her. It becomes clear that Javi is also from the police academy and has come to offer condolences for the tragedy. Rosa, however, insists that he leave immediately. Rosa begins to suspect that Javi may be responsible for Pedro’s disappearance, as he has access to her house and Sofia, giving him a motive to harm Pedro. Why does Javi dislike Pedro so much? The mystery deepens.

Juan returns to the basement, and this time, he is able to open the door easily. Inside, he discovers something strange, which was not visible the previous day. How did the door open so easily now?

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Let’s backtrack to that night when Rosa returned from the party. That night, Rosa and Albert, who had secretly arrived, were seen trying to clean something from the room. Bloodstains are found on the walls and bedcovers. Rosa and Albert start painting the walls. Meanwhile, Sofia, the baby girl, remains awake and heads downstairs to investigate what her mother might be hiding.

The story continues to unfold with numerous secrets. Stay tuned to uncover what truly transpired between Rosa and Pedro, what Rosa is concealing, and the nature of her relationship with Albert. All will be revealed in the next episode.”



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