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Burning Body Episode 2: Recap, and Ending Explained | El Cuerpo En llamas

Burning Body Episode 2: “So, we found Pedro’s car. Did he die in that car? But who is behind it? Let’s find out. Before Jumping to Episode 2, Here Goes the recap of Episode 1 first. Do read that if you haven’t checked yet.

Going back to the past, in a dance bar where Rosa worked as a dancer, all the men there had a huge crush on her. Now, back in the present, Rosa is meticulously cleaning the room, even wiping away every drop of blood. Something significant catches our attention; Rosa simply deleted Pedro’s photo from a photo frame. The little girl, Sofia, is incredibly intelligent, as she notices everything.

Pedro’s friend has taken on the role of investigating as his lawyer and assures that he will solve this case. In the meantime, Rosa informs him that it must be Javi behind this. Not only does she inform him, but she also lets Ester know about her suspicions.

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Meanwhile, Albert is Rosa’s secret lover, and they are delighted because detectives are suspecting Javi. They want this because Albert wants to be with her. We learn that Rosa has also deleted her chat with Pedro from his phone.

Ester went to meet Javi, and he informed her that Pedro was a hothead and had disciplinary issues due to an incident on duty. Ester wants all the details about Pedro, but Javi doesn’t know much about him; instead, he knows a lot about Rosa.

Let’s go back to the day when Rosa and Javi were together, leading a relatively normal life. At that time, Rosa worked at a photocopy center, but she aspired to join the police force (Mossos in their language) to earn more money. Rosa began her training and embarked on her journey to become a cop. As Rosa passed her first test, Javi felt offended. In a previous post, she met Pedro and fell in love with him. Later, Javi called Rosa and informed her that he had revealed some of her secrets to Detective. It appears that Javi is trying to protect Rosa.

Burning Body

Manuel, a police inspector, had an affair with Rosa, and it lasted for about a year. This affair helped Rosa advance in her career. As Manuel had a girlfriend, Rosa wanted to break up with him. However, soon after, Manuel began blackmailing Rosa by posting photos of her with derogatory captions. Javi left Rosa after seeing this, and Manuel sent these photos to the police station. She filed a case against him but lost, and Manuel became the Detective Sergeant. After that incident, she was transferred to Zona Franca. Now, after a long time, Manuel is facing a trial for similar actions.

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At first, Javi couldn’t accept her actions at that moment, but later he forgave her. They bought a new house and began living together. There, she finally gave birth to her daughter, Sofia. Rosa informed Ester that Javi would often go to the Foix Reservoir, attempting to raise suspicions about Javi.

By revealing this information, she aims to cast doubt on Javi. Javi kept his breakup with Rosa a secret, so Ester went to meet her again. Ester believes that Rosa was also a victim. Still, after hearing about the Foix Reservoir, she became angry and brought up Albert.

Albert, Rosa’s secret lover, had his name hidden from Rosa. Now he’s on the suspect list. After being posted to a new location, Rosa met with Albert. Albert is like her partner in crime, and she enjoys her time with him immensely. On one side, she was enjoying her life after becoming pregnant, and on the other side, she secretly loved Albert.

But when did Pedro enter the picture? So many lies make it hard to recognize the truth, but it will be revealed soon. Let’s head to the next episode.”



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