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Burning Body Episode 7: Recap, Summary and Ending Explained | El Cuerpo En llamas

Burning Body Episode 7 Recap And Ending Explained: “Let’s head towards the truth and uncover who is actually behind Pedro’s murder. So, let’s find out.

This episode begins with a flashback where Rosa seems to enjoy a vacation with Pedro. She may have appeared happy on the outside, but inside, she didn’t want it.

Rosa admitted that Albert was the one behind Pedro’s murder, and this news spread like wildfire. Montse helps Rosa build a case against Albert. On the other side, Sophia is with Javi, and they are going on a vacation. Javi doesn’t allow Sophia to talk to her mother, but Sophia is a clever girl. In front of Javi, she confirms that she saw some blood.

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Meanwhile, Albert confirms that on that night, he entered her house by jumping over the fence, and Rosa wanted him to do that.

Later, Albert and Rosa meet at Rosa’s house to reveal the final truth. Rosa claimed that it was midnight, and she couldn’t sleep, so she went to the laundry room. At that time, Pedro was sleeping at his home. Rosa heard some noises and found Albert entering her house with an axe. She was afraid of Albert, so she stayed silent. At that moment, Albert wanted her phone and information about Pedro’s whereabouts. Rosa told him where Pedro was and went to her daughter’s room, locking the door.

The detective tries to understand what Rosa said. Now, it’s time to hear what Albert has to say. Albert claims that on that night, Rosa invited him because she was desperate. According to him, she had already killed Pedro and sought his help. So, he went to the basement room and attempted to hide the body. He’s also trying to tell the truth, but Rosa doesn’t want him to. Different statements from different sides— who is telling the truth?

In jail, Rosa becomes increasingly desperate day by day. She is transferred from place to place due to her bad behavior. Meanwhile, Albert is cleaning up his image and acting gently. Montse informs Rosa that Javi wants to come forward in the media to speak the truth, a truth that only Sophia knows. So, Rosa’s parents ask her to talk to Sophia, hoping it might help her. Will she do it?

Burning Body

A final hearing is approaching where the real truth will be unveiled. Let’s be a part of it and discover what happened between Rosa and Albert, and who the real murderer is.

Montse mentions that Rosa had a happy life with Pedro, and they enjoyed every minute together. Meanwhile, Albert’s judge describes Rosa as unstable, impulsive, insatiable, and a pathological liar who seduces men and leaves them after using them. Montse points out that Pedro was Rosa’s true love, while her relationship with Albert failed, which haunted Albert, possibly leading him to kill Pedro.

Albert’s lawyer argues that Rosa manipulated Albert’s loyalty. Javi also confirms the truth that Rosa loved Albert, and he acknowledges that Rosa is skilled at concealing the truth. Juanjo, a friend and constable of Albert, reveals something crucial—Albert once asked him, “What should one do to avoid getting caught after killing someone?” Juanjo replied, “Put the body in the trunk of a vehicle and take it to a remote spot or a scrapyard, then set fire to the car.”

This suggests that Albert possessed some knowledge about committing murder. Rosa’s friend adds that she sensed Rosa was an expert who could commit murder. After the prosecutor interrogates everyone involved in the case, it becomes clear that there is a third narrative missing in this story, which can explain what exactly happened between the night of May 1st and the morning of May 2nd.

To understand what truly transpired that night, the prosecutor invites Ester for a final confession. What does she know about the murder? Let’s find out in the final episode.”

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