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Burn The House Down Episode 4: Recap, summary and Explained

Makiko praising her younger son and said he will take over the clinic as because her older son is abroad. Why Makiko hiding her old son from everyone? What’s the truth Kiichi talking about?

Burn The House Down Episode 4: In case you missed this episode, let’s know what happened in this episode-wise recap. You can also have a look at the recap of Episode 3 for a better Understanding.

Anzu shared everything with Yuzu and Claire. They are unable to believe Kiichi but Anzu believes him. Next day when Makiko went for a marriage ceremony. She also mentioned she will stay along with her son Rukk’s demise. After a long time, Kiichi went outside with Anzu as they have to work on their plan. But, Kiichi is unable to go outside as he afraid to go outside.

Shinji is worried about his marks, he also remembered how her mother pushed him so hard for studying. Later he reached home and talked with Kiichi. Kiichi isn’t feeling okay in the house also he is unable to go outside. Claire found a blog about Makiko 14 years ago. There step by step she mentioned how she met with Satsuki in the school and became friends with her. There they found Satsuki has a blog page too! Yuzu starting to remember something let’s see what will she discover.

The next day, Kiichi said he doesn’t want to help Anzu to find out the truth. But Anzu found a way to make everything alright and now her first mission is to make Kiichi all right how he used to be. Shinji reached there and watch them secretly. Anzu remembers her life wasn’t good at all, because her classmates are trying to mock her after that firey incident. And she also mentioned how she recovered from this and became strong.

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After watching & hearing this Shinji left there. He later thanked Anzu because his brother now completely changed. Anzu requested him not to tell Makiko. As Shinji knows his mother he is assured that he will make everything secret. Shinji also said it’s been ten years since his brother locked into the lockers and now he can be a different guy.

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Burn The House Down

Yuzu went to meet with her father Osamu in the restaurant. She got information that their mother used ” MIXI” a social media where she used to keep posting about her life. Yuzu wants to involve their father in this but Anzu denied it.

In the other scene, Shinji is trying to know about Yamauchi Shizuka. Which leads Makiko to doubt her. The next day Shinji followed Anzu to know who she is. As Makiko said her to know who is Shizuka. But Kiichi saved Anzu and notified her so she became cautious and prevented the trap. Shinji can trust her. But Ichihara-san alert Makiko as she doubts something suspicious.

The next day Anzu & Kiichi together went outside. After a long time, Kiichi feel the outer world, and he saw his old park and old friends. But Kiichi started to avoid him because the past wasn’t smooth at all, because after her mother remarried They stopped talking with Kiichi. But that guy Nomoto said sorry, as Kiichi’s mother paid them to not talk with Kiichi. That’s why they stopped talking with him.

In the past Kiichi got accepted to study in Teimei to study for an MD, BUT His mother send donations to the college. Kiichi is good in study but after he joined the collage donation everybody Started to mock him. After this incident, Kiichi went into the room and not came outside. After hearing all of this Anzu confessed that always liked Kiichi and also she gave that compass which he gave her earlier. Kiichi remembered the past and remembered he used to say “Don’t give up”. Anzu has a crush on him. And she wants Kiichi to be nicer and also she thinks he is a good boy. After that, Kiichi felt shy and left there.

Yuzu met with Osamu again, again he asks about the Satsuki now. He said how Makiko used to be closed with Satsuki. But Yuzu shows all the proof to Osamu means her dad is what she & Anzu found together. She also requested her dad to be with them. And Osamu is ready to help them. So, the next day after Osamu returned with some problems. And that’s Makiko.

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Next day when Kiichi & Anzu again went outside to reach the old address they used to live in. There Kiichi found an old laptop. Kiichi talked about Makiko’s blog, but that’s not the true one. Kiichi saw his ” Aliza – San” profile which is actually the MIXI account that they thought was their mother’s diary. That’s the fake account of Makiko and she used to follow the life of Satsuki that’s why she make this diary. Later Kiichi also gives him that laptop to find out who is behind the fire.

It looks like Osamu betrayed Yuzu and called her wife. And now Mayve Makiko knows everything. On the other side, Anzu also finds some truth about Makiko. Let’s see what will happen next.



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