Do I Need To Watch “Bird Box” before Watching ” Bird Box Barcelona” On Netflix? Are They Related To Each Other?

“Bird Box” and “Bird Box Barcelona” Are Related To Each Other?: After the huge success of the 2018 film ” Bird Box”, Netflix finally bring back its sequel which is “Bird Box Barcelona”. It’s a Spanish film set in the apocalypse city of Barcelona.

In this article, we are going discuss “Bird Box “and Bird “Box Barcelona ” relatable or not. But before discussing on it let’s know what’s the story of the ” Bird Box” franchise. This movie is set in an apocalyptic world, where some Mysterious creatures invaded. The rule is very simple if anybody says them, will die. So, the leftovers must avoid them. To better survive in this situation some people completed their journey by covering their eyes.

Though it’s a sequel to ” Bird Box”, ” Bird Box Barcelona” has no connection with it. ” Bird Box Barcelona” completely tells us a new story a new journey in a new world but those creatures still exist. This means they just follow the main storylines but there are no connections between the two films. So, to watch ” Bird Box Barcelona” no need to watch the previous one as there is no connection at all.

So, Bird Box Barcelona is just a sequel but has no connection with the previous movie. So you can watch & enjoy it without watching the previous one.

Bird Box Barcelona is currently streaming now in Netflix with Hindi, English & Spanish audio along with subtitles. If you love post-apocalyptic movies then it’s a perfect treat for you.



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