CCTV finds out the real truth but Anzu needs strong evidence to use it against Makiko. Will she succeed or not because she lost her job already? Let’s know everything in this episode-wise recap.

Burn The House Down Episode 2: It started with a past story, where Kiichi felt upset about whatever happened, and he was asking his mother Makiko what happened that night. Makiko said it was all the fault of Satsuki. You can also check the Episode 1 recap of the show for a better connection.

Now, back into the present, after losing the job Anzu is upset now. As she watches her plan is now not working. She also remembered the lady in the past, on the of the fire sets. That lady who asked Anzu for forgiving her. The next day she went to the photoshoot or Makiko’s.

Yuzu, sister of Anzu with her mother. Satsuki trying to recall the past after watching Barrette. She remembered her husband Osamu and their divorce. She remembered how her sister learned to make food from her mother. She remembered it too that her sister always take care of her. So, she wants to help her sister Anzu.

On the other side, Shinji is now in college and he got a massage from a girl. Then he went to meet her, she is no one but Yuzu herself. In front of Yuzu, Shinji tells secrets of his family whenever he is drunk. Later she informed her sister that she found Makiko’s family secret.

After firing Anzu, Makiko feels trouble as the house isn’t getting clear and dishes aren’t made yet. Kiichi is missing Anzu’s handmade food. In the night Makiko went through the garbage a long way there she found Anzu and she helped to throw out the garbages. Working with her Makiko spoke about she used to live in a poor family and raised her son. Anzu thought she might again hire her and it’s not. Anzu told her that hiding their son isn’t a good choice one day people also find out it too.

Makiko isn’t satisfied with whatever she got as after that incident she always thought Satsuki is behind her. But now she is a Successful model and social media influencer, so she is enjoying her life all the way. And she hired Anzu and gave her permission to clean the staircase too. So far now Claire and Anzu think “Makiko wore her mom’s cardigan went to the Mitarai house and started the fire “. So she has to go near the closet to find out that cardigan.

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On the other side, Anzu started giving business ideas and advice to Makiko. So, she believes in Anzu and gives her room keys too, because it can be late for Makiko to return that day. When she went to Makiko’s closet Kiichi also comes up. She now talks about living in that house with whom she spends at childhood. She wants to become closer to Kiichi and try to make him alright as he used to be. She busy him clearing dishes and then she went into Makiko’s house to Vojbd that cardigan.

She just wants the prove it’s Makiko who is behind that incident. After a long search, she finally found that Cardigan in Makiko’s closet. So, it’s proved that it’s Makiko behind this incident.

Burn The House Down
Burn The House Down

And she informed it took Claire and now her next mission is to find out that video footage that she saw with her dad. In the past when she was young she hides it so that nobody found it. He also wants to find out details about his father as he didn’t have contact with them after the divorce. She now wants a keycard to enter the hospital file room where she hides that chip of that footage. When she was finding that keycard Kiichi found out her. Kiichi also doubts her because he was unable to find out any details about Shizuka means Anzu on the Yuzu & Shinji are now together.

And Kiichi found out that she is no one but Anzu. He asked her why she is there. And this episode ended. On the other side, Yuzu also found some truth about the Mitarai family from Shinji. let’s find out what will happen next.



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