Burn The House Down All Episodes Recap Ending Watch Online Explained Netflix

Burn The House Down Episode 3: Recap, and Ending Explained

Shinji asked Yuzu to meet his father. Because he recognized Yuzu. And on the other side, KIichi also recognized Anzu. Let’s know what will happen in this episode.

Burn The House Down Episode 3: Anzu said to Kiichi it could be a coincidence. But Kiichi is clever enough, when Anzu was searching for that cardigan in Makiko’s closet he reached for everything. Anzu said her mother lost her memory and now she wants to take her belongings and bring them back to her mother so that she can return her memory. Kiichi started to blackmail her and Makiko reached into her room. She asked Anzu if she is okay or not?

Anzu said she is completely fine. But, Kiichi already recognized her. After she went back into her house she want to leave there and tell the Yuzu that If someone found her that she must tell them that Anzu quit her job a year ago and has not returned yet. She doesn’t want to involve Yuzu in this but, Yuzu is already involved in this. And then she got a message from Makiko inviting her to come as she wanted to talk about something important. She requested Anzu to help her with the cooking, and she is going to pay extra for this. So, it looks like Kiichi isn’t revealed anything.

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As Kiichi started to blackmail her and demanded everything she have to do whatever he asked. The main plus point is he has that video. Anzu went to meet with him with a knife inside her pocket. but it looks like Kiichi just needs help in the stock markets from Anzu. Kiichu has a website he earns money from this. He started to post articles and explore false rumors about celebrities. Anzu refused to work this and took out that knife but Kiichi is wise enough.

Anzu started working on it & she improved Kiichi’s website. He wants to open the dark truths of celebrities. Anzu recalls her memories during her childhood days she knows Kiichi was too much different, who looks up at the sky and loves the stars. After that Kiichi stopped her to talk about these things and then Shinji entered. After that, she left that house and ran away and keep telling “Don’t run away.

Yuzu went to meet with her mom and again present her with one of her belonging. Satsuki can recall her memories by watching this so this is actually helping her to remember the memories. Yuzu found Anzu and take her to the hospital and they found Their mon have now better memories as she can now recognize Anzu. With some joyful tears, Anzu is finally too much happy. Satsuki said Anzu looking care to her sister. Later she told Yuzu that Kiichi already caught her so she need help from her sister.

Burn The House Down All Episodes Recap Ending Watch Online Explained Netflix
Burn The House Down

Yuzu hugged her & thanked her for protecting her all the time. She said Yuzu to went into the hospital to find out if the SD memory card had the proof of the CCTV camera. Along with Shinji, she met with Ichihara-san who is the head nurse who fixed his dad’s schedule, she working there past fifteen years. Ichihara-san is the same woman we saw as an assistant with Makiko.

Osamu recognized Yuzu and welcome her. Osamu said after Yuzu was born the old CEO of the hospital died so he became the head of the hospital. After talking and chitchatting she left that room as she wants to go into the ” Clinical records room”. There she found her medical record and that micro SD card into it. Yuzu us successful in her mission but Ichihara-san saw her leaving that house.

Anzu went back into the house again she said Kiichi that she can follow all orders without any force. She also helping Makiko too. But whenever an interview comes up Makiko chooses her younger son rather than the older one. As she tries to hide her older son by saying everyone that he is abroad.

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Yuzu gave that SD card to Claire and Anzu. After playing that video that cardigan is completely matched with the same one which Anzu finds in Makiko’s closet. But this is not enough proof. Anzu might go to go into the House deeper section for more evidence. For this, she must follow Kiichi and obey him.

After that, completing the interview while Makiko returned she found a comment in her picture, it was a link to a website that’s the website of Kiichi. In that link, it also revealed that Makiko’s ex-husband was a teacher and became pregnant before marrying him. Makiko knows this is the work of her son Kiichi. Her mother insulted him and mocked him for his failure. She sends food from ” Eel restaurant” and after watching this Kiichi is afraid too.

The next day when Anzu went into his room found that his room is completely messed up. Then Kiichi said to Anzu that, Makiko knows about his website. Now, he is completely lost and wants to capture Anzu. He provokes her and said it’s Anzu’s mother who sets fire to the house. But Anzu said it was Makiko behind the fire of that time.

Burn The House Down
Burn The House Down

Kiichi remembered the past talking with his mom, where he asked her mom if she turn the stove off or not! Kiichi is unable to believe Anzu but, Anzu is said it was true. As she told him that on the day of the fire, while her mother was groveling Makiko was laughing behind her. But Kiichi asked, why did Satsuki accept in front of everyone that it was her fault?

Anzu said Her mother was innocent she can’t destroy other life so she take the fault in herself. Back then Makiko also said Kiichi to make everything secret. When he was fifteen, he remembered everything better than Anzu and he wants to tell the truth about who is the main culprit but also he asked Anzu will she handle the truth or not.

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So, what’s the truth behind this? Who is the mastermind of this plan? Let’s know in the next episode.


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