Makiko wasn’t behind that fire? Then who was that? And where is Anzu & Kiichi headed? Let’s know all the truth in this Final Episode.

Burn The House Down Ending Explained: On 21st December, Makiko used her laptop to use that fake profile Aliza-san. When her son Kiichi wakes up and told her mom by his friend stole money from the arcade where he works. But they caught that guy, his friends tried to apologize but they didn’t listen to him, but Kiichi saved him later. Back in the present, Makiko trying to save her son Kiichi. But the police officers already made up their decision.

Kiichi and Anzu are now together in the forest, as Kiichi headed into a place. There they found an open place full of stars. Memories are risen ho again. But, Kiichi confessed her sorry at that moment. Later in the night, Kiichi left that house & later he confessed his fault to the police. Kiichi knows everything was his fault, he was behind setting the fire and so he accepted it. Anzu thinks he isn’t guilty at all he must be trying to protect her mom.
She went to talk with Makiko to know the truth. Yuzu also wants to know the day of fire sets up, and why she was in her mother’s closet. Makiko finally spoke about, she was trying to return all her belongings to Satsuki.

After that, she panicked and ran into her house. She understood her guilty and tried to confess to the police station & then she heard that all are running to stop a fire sets up in Mitarai House. Later she went to the spot she listened to people talking Satsuki left the stove unattended. So it’s Kiichi who set the fire. She was always trying t protect her son Kiichi but she was unable to do that as Kiichi accepted her fault. While she was talking, her cigarette fell and set fire.

Anzu started to stop it, and seeing her Shinji went to Stop that fire and was badly injured. Later he confessed that it wasn’t Kiichi, it was he himself who set that fire that day. On that day, he decided to return Satsuki’s sweeter and then in the Kitchen found. He started the oven because he wants to eat that moment when he started using a handkerchief to put down the bowl from the stove, the fire catch into it. He failed it into the ground and it’s started more and then he thinks to leave that place.

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Burn The House Down

He used that sweeter and ran away, and that was captured by that CCTV camera. He tried to solve this matter and apologized but after seeing Yuzu’s Mother, he was unable to confess his guilt and ran away from there. So, Makiko, Kiichi everyone was trying to save Shinji. Shinji wants to accept his guilt for Satsuki. He went to that Hospital and said sorry for whatever happened. She finally accepted Shinji and tried to forget whatever happened. She is impressed by the honesty of Shinji.

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Later Satsuki felt peace finally after knowing that, she did turn off the stove that day. Anzu said that the fire isn’t your fault it’s finally confirmed. Satsuki also thanked her daughter Anzu for believing her always

On the other side, Kiichi was outside during the fire set in the house after returning home he started questioning his mom. But later he said the socks of Shinji turned black which clarified that his brother involvement in the fire. He was trying to pretend that he don’t know anything but after that, he met with Anzu and his world began to change. Police took Shinji to jail. After going out of jail, Kiichi with his mom Makiko. Anzu stopped them and confessed that she love Kiichi and wants her son. Kiichi said his life is already over, but Anzu replied stop believing rumors. Kiichi finally accepted her and promised her that he will stay with her forever.

After all this Makiko accepted their relationship. And the. After three months, Makiko started a new life again. She accepted her divorce and opened a video channel to post varieties of meals. Shinzi ended up not being held criminally responsible, because he was under fourteen years old when he set the fire. Shinzi went to college to complete his medical degree and Yuzu wished him that one day he will be a good doctor. Yuzu also got a job in a staffing agency. Satsuki is now completely fine and getting back to her daily life. Anzu is started working with Claire as a fashion designer.

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In the series Anzu isn’t following the road of revenge instead she wants to know the truth. She stumbled and backed up and again this continue as she never loses her hope to find out the truth. She believes her own compass which leads her to the direction where she wants to go.

She always stays on the path that leads to her success. After all the work, she met with Kiichi, who is a completely changed person now and living a happy life with her wife. This is how the series put a Happy ending. Where everybody understands their fault and apologized for it. Now they all started a new life and Happy in their place.



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