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Burn The House Down Episode 1: Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

Burn The House Down Episode 1: Netflix presents the Japanese Mystery thriller series ” Burn The House Down” is a live adaptation of the popular manga series of the same name. Before discussing episode-wise recap let’s know the overview of the series.

The story of this series begins with a little girl who saw her own house on fire in her childhood & Her mother took all the blame on herself. Then a few years later she returns to prove that no involvement of her mother in that fire accident, rather her mother’s girlfriend aka her stepmother is responsible for that incident.

Starting with an incident, near ” Mitarai Hospital” the ” Mitarai House” catch fire. Soon firefighters came to put out the fire. A girl went there and found the whole house in the fire & it’s her own house. A man came and asked her if she is okay or not. So, the name of this little girl is Anzu. But there Anzu found a woman who asked her for forgiving her. So, only that woman survived that fire, the woman also said it’s everything her fault.

Let’s back to the present, Yamauchi Shizuka is preparing for a new housekeeper. She is no one but that young girl Anzu became a teenager now. She went to Mitarai House after a long year to work as a housekeeper. A woman named Mitarai-sama staying in that house. She welcomes Shizuka to work in the house as a housekeeper. As new guests are coming Mitarai-sama ordered her to clean all mess from the first floor. Mitarai-sama is a model who works in front of a camera & also she is also a homemaker. Though Shizuka has less experience but she assured me that she can do work very well.

Burn The House Down All Episodes Recap Ending Watch Online Explained Netflix
Burn The House Down

Mitarai-sama mentioned her not to go upstairs & not to open the door for any package delivery. If Shizuka works well today then Mitarai-sama confirmed it tomorrow will she work or not? She also strictly mentioned that stealing anything from here isn’t allowed. Anzu aka Shizuka remembers after that firey incident her father divorced her mother and remarried again to a single mom who is actually a close friend of Shizuka’s mother.

She recalls her memories and started working there but again she remembered a picture of her family. That photo frame is now changed with a new family member but her dad still remains there. Shizuka also found a barrette under the sofa and take it into her jacket & that time she heard the footsteps of someone which clarified that someone was still in the house.

Burn The House Down
Burn The House Down

Mitarai-sama went into her office, she has a meeting today. After she finished her meeting she handed over Shizuka’s resume to one of their assistant in the office, but that assistant must know about Shizuka as she starring in that Resume. Later at night, Shizuka finished her work. Mitarai-sama hired her to work. Now Shizuka clarified that her real name is Murata Anzu, thirteen years ago when that fire incident happened she was under that same name there she saw a lady who is happy about that horrible incident that lady was no one but Mitarai-sama herself.

She knows that Mitarai-sama took everything from her family so she will take everything back. Murata Anzu that young girl changed her name to Yamauchi Shizuka so that she can take revenge.

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Shizuka met with her mother and sister in the hospital. She gave her that barrette and said she took it because it was their mom’s barrette. Her name also mentioned Mitarai Satsuki. Shizuka mentioned it was there because Mitarai-sama had taken it from their mom. She also trying to find out who set that fire and prove her mom is not guilty.

The next day, Mitarai-sama ordered Shizuka that tomorrow is a recyclable pickup so she must put together the boxes in the pantry area. Shizuka found their shoes which took her back into the past when Makiko came there house and met with her mom. Makiko later turn into Mitarai-sama means Makiko Mitarai. She was actually Anzu’s classmate’s mother. Makiko always used to be her mom’s side always trying to praise her as she wanted to take everything from her mom.

Soon, that Makiko Watari became Makiko Mitarai. On the other side, her mother Satsuki Murata is now suffering from Amnesia. She stole that shoes and bring them to her mother Satsuki, she remembered those shoes as her favorite pair. Satsuki also being happy after swe her barrette.

Burn The House Down All Episodes Recap Ending Watch Online Explained Netflix
Burn The House Down

Anzu is now living with her sister Yuzu Murata alone in the apartment. The next day she also made dishes for Makiko and she became more happy after tasting it. Makiko also tells about her elder son Kiichi working in a trading company and living in abroad & Shinji is a pre-med student at Teimei University.

After that, she left for the nail salon and said she will be back at 4 PM. And that time Anzu break the rule and went upstairs. And the first room was Shinji’s, the younger brother but Kiichi lives there. Kiichi was angry with her mom as she hired a housekeeper and also she requested Anzu to not look at his face after that Kiichi put her out of the room. Anzu told Claire that, Makiko didn’t tell her son about the new housekeeper. As Anzu knows it’s Kiichi.

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Anzu later discussed the whole incident with Claire-san. Claire-san was previously Yamauchi Shizuka, she give her name to Anzu and now she has a new name, Claire. Claire stalking to Makiko to know about her things and her secret Life. The next day Makiko has a job invitation for Shine magazine. As she knows Kiichi is alone in the House, she made food for him and asked him to eat it. As Kiichi always stays isolated in his room he went opened the door and takes the mill.

After that every day Anzu used to send food to him Anzu’s first motive was to be close to him so she asked about Video games and soccer matches. But, Kiichi is refused to come outside. But that moment Anzu looked to the sky and remember the stars she used to see in her childhood with Kiichi. She remembered everything but maybe Kiichi isn’t recognized her but still, he helped Anzu to recall the star’s name. On the other side, Shinji used to study too much and date Katsuragi, but she wasn’t happy with whatever happened earlier. but he obeyed his mother too much.

Anzu went back to their childhood days when Kiichi gave her a campus. Which proves that they used to be closed friends. On the other side, kimchi looked at the stars and soon he doubted something so he started to search for the name ” Shizuka Yamauchi” but was unable to find anything. Makiko also remembers her past days being a single mother & also when the fire sets in that house she was in her house. Makiko tries to hide her older son Kiichi by telling him that he is abroad.

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Back into the present she takes food for Kiichi. So here things are messed up. The next day she takes food for Kiichi and he turned the bottom of Anzu’s apron. Anzu just failed to recognize him. Claire researched Makiko’s social media and find out all the details about her. She also found an expensive cardigan which was she wearing.

In the past, Anzu saw a CCTV footage with her dad where a both found a cardigan that used to be Anzu’s mother’s. This proves that Anzu’s mother involvement in the fire accident. But that is not the truth. Makiko stole that cardigan and which proves her involvement in the fire.

Later day, Makiko invited Anzu to drink together. Right, she doesn’t know her real name Anzu. But drinking together is kind of suspicious. Makiko finds out from that button that Anzu break the rules and went upstairs & saw her son. As Makiko doesn’t want that anybody knows about her older son, when she knows that Anzu saw him This makes Makiko angry and she fired Yamauchi Shizuka aka Anzu.

So what will be the next plan of Anzu? Who is Kiichi and where is Shinji now? With lots of confusion, the first episode ended, let’s know about the next episode.



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