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Fatal Seduction Episode 5: Recap and Explained

Fatal Seduction Episode 5: The last episode of the show starts with a college sequence where Nandi is giving lectures and also ignoring Jacob’s messages, stating that she needs space. She forgets her bag, which contains documents related to Jacob and Benjamin, and Jacob takes that bag.

Laura and Zinhle try to track the phone of Pokeyboy so that they can locate the real man. On the other hand, we see Jacob attempting to open the bag.

In the next scene, Zinhle comes to Jacob’s garage looking for Pokeyboy, but somehow Jacob manages to hide his identity. Jacob and Zinhle continue their conversation, and during their regular talks, Jacob learns about Zinhle’s birthday. When Zinhle leaves, Jacob uses her birthday to open the locks on the bag he got from Nandi.

At night, Jacob goes to Nandi’s home with that bag. Meanwhile, Voyu is reviewing the CCTV footage and discovers that Jacob is the one who killed Brenda. Voyu immediately calls Nandi and tells her that Jacob is the killer, and the episode ends here.

The show is taking a dramatic turn, and the twist is now revealed. As Nandi now knows about Jacob, it will be interesting to see how she reacts to this revelation. How is the show going so far for You and what do you think? what is going to Happen Next?, Please let us know in the comments.

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