Fatal Seduction Episode 2: The second episode of the show starts with Jacob meeting Nandi, and we find out that Jacob studies at the same college where Nandi teaches. Nandi says that she doesn’t want to meet him again.

The police start investigating Brenda’s case, and Nandi has no idea about it. Nandi texts Brenda that Jacob is her student, and the investigating officer reads that text.

Police Officer Vuyo, who is also a friend of Leonard, is shocked to see Brenda’s body. We also learn that Vuyo and Brenda were in a relationship, and Vuyo had feelings for Nandi in the past.

Nandi returns home, and Leonard comes to tell her that Brenda killed herself. The police have asked them for questioning, and the policeman asks if there was anyone else present there, but Nandi lies and says there was no one except them.

Nandi sees another text from Ameera, and she also sees a receipt that shows Leonard purchased something. Nandi and Jacob meet again and become physically intimate at Jacob’s house. Vuyo tells Leonard everything and also reveals that there was someone else in the house, and he will find out who that was.

The story now shifts to Laura and Zinhle, where Zinhle receives a text from an unknown person named Pokeboy. They start talking, and then the story jumps to Vuyo. When Vuyo asks Nandi about that boy, Nandi confesses that it was her, not Brenda, who slept with someone that night.

Episode 2 ends with a shocking twist, where we see that Jacob has some photographs in his cupboard. The photos are of Nandi and her daughter, and the episode ends here. Episode 2 ended on a very good note, and it looks like Jacob is somehow related to Nandi and her family. It will be interesting to see where the story takes us in the next episode.



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