Is Seo A-Ri Dead,? : As we find out at the end of the episode one Seo A-Ri is supposedly dead. Everyone is asking her the same question how is she alive and what exactly happened? In the series Seo A-Ri initially gets attracted to the limelight and the money coming her way. As she dwells deeper she feels she’s losing her personality in the process and starting to turn into someone she hated in the first place.

After the club incident, she starts having a moral dilemma and feels the guilt of not calling the cops which makes her life miserable and takes a toll on her mind. So to relieve her of this guilt she goes to the police station and gives a statement.

Although she feels relieved of the guilt by doing so. This action creates a whole lot of problems than she imagined. She gets wrongly accused of all sorts of things and people start posting hate comments on her profile. This hate grows with time and people around her start to suffer. This pushes her to end her life and she takes her car and drowns with it in the river.

After a few months, someone starts a live stream posing as her and starts revealing all the secrets of what went down back them.

As we get our answers in the penultimate episode of the series. It was her brother Seo Du-Seong who dressed as her and used deepfake software to achieve this. He was working with Yoon Jeong-Sun to prove her sister’s innocence and reveal all the truth to the public. We also find out Seo A-Ri is alive and did all this to find bbbfamous and give proper justice to all the persons responsible for her suffering.



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