Burn The House Down Season 2 Release Date: Netflix presents the Japanese mystery thriller series ” Burn The House Down” which is a live adaptation of the popular manga series of the same name.

As fans want to know if the second season this coming or not, we are going to discuss it in this article but before this let’s have a quick overview of the story. The story of this series begins with a little girl who saw her own house on fire in her childhood & Her mother took all the blame on herself. Then a few years later she returns to prove that no involvement of her mother in that fire accident, rather her mother’s girlfriend aka her stepmother is responsible for that incident.

Anzu wants to know the truth Who set fire to her old house? As she doubts it must be her stepmother Makiko. She went to her childhood house as a housekeeper to explore the truth. But as the series progresses the truth takes a grim shape. It ended when she finally found the truth that it was not Makiko but instead her son Shinji behind that fire. After that, Shinji confessed his fault in front of Satsuki.

The series happily concluded all characters’ journeys. Anzu’s sister Yuzu got a new job &Shinji went to college to continue his study. On the other side, Makiko started a new life after getting divorced. And the lead Character Anzu married Kiichi and started a new journey.

Most of the time Japanese & Korean series are always back with a new season with some new materials. But ” Burn The House Down” concluded the whole story so there are no chances of its next season.

So we can say that The second season of this series not coming. But as it’s not a limited series we can’t strongly agree that no more season will come. So, stay with us we will inform any official information that the next season of this series is coming or not.



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