Boy Swallows Universe Episode 5: Boy Swallows Universe is an American coming-to-age crime drama web series and is based on a biographical novel by Trent Dalton this show is considered similar to the novel’s plot and follows the story around 12 years old boy named Eli and his family including his brothers and mother and we also see how his mother ends in drug matter and more we see in this show.

In the last plot of episode 4, we see that Eli plans to save his mother from prison and he feels that Robert is not able to save his mother where slim going to help Eli to save his mother but suddenly feels a heart attack and dies whereas in this article I am going to recap about episode 5 and more details in depth.

In episode 5 of this show, titled, “Boy Takes Flight” where we see that after the death of Slim people are joining to pay their respects and we find that the pastor delivers a speech and they plan his song which he likes and Slim also served 25 years in the prison and he is innocent as he accepts his crime and spend his time in Jail.

After that, we see that Maosumi also attends his death ceremony where Eli asks for help and tells him to help him to smuggle this drug inside the prison where he refuses and he does not want to get into prison again and Caitlyn who is also there ask the details about the man who cuts his finger but he refuses to share and he believes that no matter what happened bad people always win.

Later, we see that finally George is able to help him and smuggles a letter and a tape to Frankie into the prison and she finds the letter where Eli is waiting for the response from the mother and Geroge is able to send this is the prison but he hesitates and agrees where he able to find connection with the Slim as he helps in prison.

The Scene shifts, and we see that Eli learns details about Debbie who is a cellmate to Frankie and he says that she again started doing drugs and finally Eli can meet his mother but sadly prison guard is able to catch Eli and he plans to able to escape from prison where he able to deal with the prisonon and save himself.

At the end of episode 5, we see that Gus and Eli find the secret details about Lyle and they find that he had hidden a black bag with a name marked QSLG and then, Eli wants to sell that bag of drugs but suddenly something happens while selling that drug worth 50k with Darren where he sells that drug but ended a gang war with Dustin’s men but Gus and Eli able to hide the money and episode ends.

This is all the details about episode 5 and I try to solve all the details about episode 5 in detail where I have covered the recap, plot details, and ending of this episode and let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.

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