Boy Swallows Universe Episode 3: Boy Swallows Universe is a coming-to-age crime drama series and is based on the novel by Trent Dalton The story of this show is considered similar to the novel and follows Eli and his family and we also see how his mother ends in drug abuse and more we see in this show.

In the final scene of episode 2, we see that Ivan asks Lyle to sell his drug but he refuses, and in the middle of that Eli enters and ends up with one finger cut whereas more details we see after episode 2 in episode 3 in which i will cover all the details in depth for better details.

Episode 3 of this show titled, “Run Boy Run” begins where we find that after his one finger cut and now he is waking in the hospital where we see that Slim tells him that Frances has been arrested and may be going to prison for more than 5 years for the issue of the drug abuse whereas Slim does not find any details about lyle.

After that, Eli decides to tell all the things about the drug to the police and about the supplier of the drug and heroin named Dang where Slim tells him not to tell anyone as most cops in the town in corrupt and work on Bich orders and then, Eli agrees to not tell to police and Eli is now going to his father house and stay till everything is sorted.

We find that to leave this hospital they have to create a small distraction we see a boy named Christopher who creates a distraction Eli able to escape from the hospital and he able to return to his house and share all the details with Gene where Gene tells him that Some people come and dragged Lyle and Eli tells him to not to tell anyone.

The Scene shifts, where we see Eli go to his house’s basement and his mission is to find Lyle all secret where the red phone rings again and the person calling tells him that whatever he is looking for is inside the house and now Eli tries his best to find the drug and sell it to save Lyle’s life but Eli does not know anyone to whom he contacts to sell the drug.

At the end of this episode, we see that Eli goes to meet Robert, and he finds that Gus is talking and his father spends all his money on alcoholic stuff he finds that he needs some help to set his mother free and to find Lyle where Caitlyn agrees to help him and offer him to meeting with Slim and ended up where we see the leg of Lyle.

This is all the in-depth details about the episode 3 plot along with what happened at the end of episode 3 details let me know in the comment box that how excited you are for the next episode.

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