Red Phone In Boy Swallows Universe Explained: Boy Swallows Universe is an American coming-to-age crime thriller Netflix web series that is based on a novel written by Trent Dalton this show’s plot moves around a 12 years boy Eli and his brother Gus deals with the issue of his mother who again started taking the drug and ended up in jail and we see more in this show.

In this article I am going to explain to you everything about the red phone and what is the connection with the boys Gus and Eli which I will cover in the article in detail.

In this show, we see that Gus and Eli find a secret underground room in the house while searching for Lyle’s Drugs and Herion where they find a telephone which is of color red suddenly they find that a call is ringing in this telephone and Eli receives the call and hind that some unknown person is talking and he finds that voice is familiar but he not able to recognize.

After picking up the call, he finds that someone is talking Eli tries to ask questions about Lyle but he refuses and when he asks about this telephone to Lyle then he says that the telephone is not connected to anything and then, Eli follows him and finds that he is dealing with drugs again to bad people.

Later, we see Eli again go to that underground, and again the call rings and we see that Eli speaks to that unknown person and this time unknown person helps him and tells him to touch with Kroll and and call ends and then, Eli finds about his stepfather and Gus finds that his person lives the life where he finds that his voice is similar to Eli future self.

This is all the details about the red phone and all details about this are covered in all the articles let me know how much you like this show in the comment box.



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