Boy Swallows Universe Episode 2 Recap: Boy Swallows Universe is an American coming-to-age drama series which is based on the biographical novel of Trent Dalton this show follows Eli and his family and in this article, i am going to tell about this episode in detail where I will cover all the details.

Episode 2 of this show begins where we see that the Eli family is going to buy an Atari gaming console at a cheap price where we see Frankie waiting to open the door and Lyle tells her that she is going to be a good neighbor and Lyle takes the boys with the place where he works and Broz try to compares Gus to the greek prophet.

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After that, we see that Gus’s talent is a technique to win a huge lottery and Eli learns all the details where he is most involved in drugs and Eli is told by someone that Dustin is a delivery guy and Eli asks Lyle where Ivan asks Lyle and tells to Eli to that don’t make any mistake in the business on drug and Lyle tells her to stop doing this.

Later, we see that Eli and his family going to attend the Broz’s party and we find that Eli is not excited by this and At the party, we see that he meets Darren and we see that Ivan is the main person who is attending a party and he is having a scar in his face and Ivan was shot by a member of his victims.

At the end of this episode, we find that Somehow Ivan was shot by his family member and he is one of his victims Ivan is being survived and he is killed by his attackers Ivan has seen and appeared with interest in the kid and Ivan has not seen him where he is having an interest in his kid and Broz delivers a speech in the party.

After that, we see that Ivan asks Lyle to sell him drugs but he stashes him with a knife Ivan’s men try to tell Lyle’s home but Lyle refuses and we find that Gus breaks his silence and tries to cut Eli’s finger when Gus tells them to stop and Eli losing his all senses and Ivan cuts his finger and episode ends.

This is all the details about this show, let me know in the comment box how much you like this show in the comment box.



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