BloodHounds Episode 4: In the last episode, we saw that the duo is surrounded by thugs in the subway, but they are ready to fight with them. What will happen next? Here in this article, we are going to recap the next episode, which is the fourth one. So let’s get started.

The episode begins with President Choi calling Du-Yeong for help, and we came to know that his wife is pregnant. Meanwhile, at the subway, Jun-min spotted Gun-Woo as he had seen him earlier when they were at her mother’s shop. So she asked some of his men to kidnap his mother. Now they fight the thugs and somehow manage to escape from them.

On the other hand, Jae goes to kidnap her mother, and as he is carrying her, Yang-jung, another one of Mr. Choi’s men, shows up and saves her just in time. He catches Jae and stabs him. Now Gun-Woo gets a call from Mr. Choi, who calls them to his house. There, they find his mother So-Yeon injured.

Mr. Choi yells at them for not following his earlier warning of not getting involved and putting their and Gun-Woo’s mother’s lives in danger. He asks them to let the adults handle the matter. Mr. Choi decides to kill Myeong-gil and end this. That night, he also opens his vault and picks up his gun, but he struggles to aim properly due to his condition, which was caused by Beom.

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The next day, Myeong-Gil goes to the hospital to gather more information. Jae-moong tells him that the man who attacked him was carrying a special knife known as a sashimi knife. Myeong-gil becomes worried after hearing that. He calls a meeting with Beom and Jun-Min, where he tells them that Mr. Choi works with five knifers who kill people for him. He reveals that he and Beom have killed three of them, but two are still alive: Yang-jung and Du-Yeong, and they could pose a danger to them.

Ending Explained

Now Mr. Oh informs Choi and his knifers about Myeong-gil’s gang and how they have committed numerous frauds. They decide to kill Jun-min first since they have all his information. Mr. Choi advises them to fight together. Another challenge is that they have a lot of money in the library, which the opposing gang has discovered. Yang-Jung suggests hiring the boys back, as they fought in the subway with their bare hands.

While Hyeon-jo is having dinner with the boys, President Choi texts him to clear all the money from there. The next morning, they go to collect all the money. But after some time, Hyeon-jo notices someone and sees that Beom has entered the building and is standing behind Woo-jin and Gun-woo. The giant is too strong for them, but they somehow manage to weaken him. Hyeon-jo also gets kidnapped by their men, but when she wakes up, she flees away from them.

She then returns to the boys, and they bring back the trolley of cash. They somehow manage to fill the car, but as they try to escape, three cars filled with thugs block their exits. They take the second exit, but the car is not moving fast, and it is full of cash. They enter a tunnel as the episode comes to an end.



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