BloodHounds Episode 3: Here in this article, I am going to give you a recap of the third episode of the series, so let’s get started. Gun-woo runs to save the old man despite Hyeon-jo asking them not to get involved. She yells at them for ruining their plan, so Woo-jin apologizes to her and asks her to give them one more chance.

When they go to her, she starts yelling at him, so they leave. But after some time, when she becomes calm, she texts them to come back. Now they have become good friends. On the other hand, Jae-Myeong goes to Myung-gil’s manager and says that someone is following them. He mentions that they were wearing the same cap as President Choi’s debt collector, and he knows his address of Choi.

So, they go there to find them, but Heyon-jo spots them, and this time they are saved. However, their location is now revealed to them. President Choi is frustrated by them, but Heyon-jo tells him that they have an important lead regarding Smile Capital, and the boys saved her during the fight.

They leave there and go out to have dinner. Gun-woo asks Heyon-jo about her relationship with Choi, and she tells them that she was an orphan, and he helped her during her hard times, just as he helped Gun-woo to pay his loan. Now Gun-woo decides to protect him at any cost.

Myeong-Gil has a personal bodyguard named Beom, and that night President Choi comes to know that Myeong-gil is the CEO of Smile Capital. We are taken back to a flashback where Choi is the owner of a company, but he has to close it down due to huge losses. Myeong-gil and Beom used to work in his company, and that night they try to rob his safe. However, Mr. Choi arrives, and after a fight, Beom throws him out of the building, thinking he is dead. They run away with most of his money.


Ending Explained

The next day, Woo-jin takes Gun-woo and Hyeon-jo to the restaurant where he usually eats. When they arrive, they find out that the loan shark has attacked the restaurant, and the lady who used to work there is now so afraid of them. After talking to the loan shark, they come to know that someone has also taken money from him, just like Jae-moong did from Mr. Choi.

So, the trio decides to catch him and hand him over to the loan shark to make some money. That night, they follow Jae-Myeong, but they don’t know about his trap. As they go to the subway, they find themselves surrounded by thugs. Hyeon-jo calls Mr. Choi to help them, and Woo-jin and Gun-woo are ready to fight with them as the episode ends.



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