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‘The Idol’ HBO Scenes: Time Span of All Scenes Till Episode 2

‘The Idol’ HBO Scenes: HBO’s original series ‘The Idol’ is now streaming on the platform, and the show is creating a huge buzz and anger among the audience after the release of Episode 2. The s3x sequences in the show were disturbing, and the audience is not able to digest them. Here, we are going to tell you about all the scenes in Episode 1 and Episode 2 that you should avoid if you don’t like watching disturbing sequences.

The Club Scene Episode 1

Episode 1 was okay, It was episode 2 from where all this begin. Starting with episode 1, The Romantic sequence in Episode 1, Starts in Club when Jocelyn Visits the Club at night after having a bad day. The scene starts at 29 Minutes and 00 Seconds and lasts up to 32 Minutes. Later Jocelyn goes back to her house and then she again fantasizes about the memories and touch of Tedros.

Jocelyn Music Studio Scene – Episode 1

The next sequence in the show starts at 44 minutes when Joce invites Tedros to her house, and she is super happy to have him there. After a few minutes, they go to Joce’s studio, and there Tedros ties her up, and then they engage in romance. The actual intimate sequence starts at 47 minutes and continues until the end of Episode 1.

The first episode was just a trailer, and the actual mess starts in Episode 2 of the show. There is only one scene in Episode 2, but it is huge. After the release of Episode 2, the audience and almost everyone is shocked to see the sequences performed by The Weekend and Lilly Rose Depp.

Jocelyn House Scene – Episode 2

Now, coming to the most disturbing and controversial sequence in the show, let’s have a little recap of the episode before the actual sequence. Jocelyn is having issues, and she is not doing well during the shooting of her upcoming music video. She even calls Tedros, but he says he is busy, and it is clear that he is lying. After encountering various issues during the shooting and after multiple calls, Tedros finally agrees to meet Joce again. Here, we witness the most disturbing and controversial intimate sequence ever made in cinema.

The scene starts at 41 minutes in Episode 2 of the show and lasts until the end of Episode 2. There is the use of some extremely disturbing words and extremely shocking visuals.

This is just the beginning of the show, and I am pretty sure that there is much more to come in the upcoming episodes. The show consists of a total of 10 episodes, and so far, only 2 episodes have been released.

This was all about the Scenes and Sequences from The Idol Episode 1 and Episode 2. What are your thoughts about the show and these scenes? Please let us know in the comments.


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