BloodHounds Episode 5: Here in this article, we are going to recap the fifth episode of the latest K-drama streaming now on Netflix. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

The episode begins with Hyeon-jo and Woo-jin escaping from the thugs with cash, while Gun-woo is in another car. He left two boxes of cash to distract them, and the trio managed to escape from there. We come to know that Myeong-gil has taken many loans, even in the name of policemen.

Now the trio calls Yang-Jung to tell him that they have left a lot of cash behind, but President Choi is more worried about them than the cash. They also tell him that Beom is heavily injured and is in the basement of the library. However, Mr. Choi knows that Myeong-gil will treat him illegally, so he asks them to follow him and see the hospital where he is being treated.

The doctor at the hospital says that Beom’s eardrum is heavily injured. On the other hand, Myeong-gil is also not able to track the car that Woo-jin and his friends used to escape. So he talks to his men and tells them that they must find them at any cost. He also tells his best man, Jang-do, to stay alert for Jun-Min as he can be his next target. Meanwhile, President Choi catches Gun-Woo, who is doing his daily morning jogging.

He scolds him and says that he must take a rest. He also tells Gun-Woo that he can go and live a new life with his mom as he has paid off all his loans. But Gun-Woo is loyal and decides to stay with him and fight for him.

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Next, the trio goes to Yang-jung’s restaurant, where they discuss their next plan. He takes them into the jungle and teaches them how to attack with a sashimi knife and how to dodge its attacks.

That night, Hyeon-jo and Du-yeong follow Jun-min and Yang-jung, while the boys go to the hospital where Beom is being treated. Beom tells them that if things get worse inside, he will signal them to run, and they must follow his command.

The Ending

Du-Yeong slashes Jun-min’s throat as he is about to enter the hospital and gets attacked by some thugs. But Hyeon-jo arrives there and manages to save him. Then he instructs Yang-Jung to go inside the building. They go inside and manage to kidnap Jang-do. Myeong-gil notices them on the hospital CCTV and asks his men to follow the car.

In the library, they prepare to torture Jang-do. When Mr. Choi offers to help him escape the country and go far away from Smile Capital, Jang-do starts revealing everything. He reveals that he is with Beom to beat people and make videos of it. There are thousands of videos of him beating people, which are stored in Myeong-gil’s bedroom safe. If anyone tries to break it, everything inside will get destroyed.

President Choi decides to help him go to another country with a fake ID and also asks him where Myeong-gil has kept all his gold. But Jang-do says that Beom is the only one who knows about it, and the episode ends.



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