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Kim Geon Woo In ‘BloodHounds’ Who Plays?, Actress Name | Character Explained

Who Plays Kim Geon Woo In ‘BloodHounds’: Kim plays a lead role in the latest K-drama series. The story is set up during the time of the pandemic when everyone is suffering from it. But her mother gets stuck in debt with a loan shark who beats her up.

When Kim goes to rescue her mother, his people also beat him, and the boss leaves a scar on his face. What will happen next? Will he be able to take revenge on him? To know this, you have to watch the series streaming now on Netflix.

Here, I am going to tell you the real name of the actor who played the role of Kim in the series. South Korean actor Woo Do Hwan played the role of Kim Geon Woo in the latest K-drama. He first made his debut in the 2011 series “Come, Come, Absolutely Come” with a small supporting role. His first lead role was in the series “Save Me,” which was released in 2017.

He received the KBS Drama Award for his role in the series “Mad Dog” in 2017. He completed his mandatory army service in 2022, which he joined in 2020. Now, you can see him in the lead role in the series BloodHounds.



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