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Hong Woo Jin In ‘BloodHounds’ Who Plays?, Actor Name | Netflix

Who Plays Hong Woo Jin In ‘BloodHounds’?: Hong is the main lead in the latest Netflix K-drama series, which is set during the Covid pandemic. He is playing the role of a boxer whose friend’s mom gets in trouble with a loan shark

. So, he decides to help his friend in this hard time. Will they be able to pay their debt? To know this, you have to watch the series. The series is streaming on the platform in multiple languages. Here, I am going to tell you the name of the actor who played the role of Hong Woo in the series. South Korean actor Lee Sang Yi is playing this role in the latest action drama series.

He has been in this field for a very long time. He started loving acting when he did a play in the 6th grade. He made his debut in 2011 when he appeared in “How to Make a Star” and “X-Wedding.” He has done many shows and movies after that, such as “The Third Charm” (2018), “Special Labor Inspector Jo” (2019), and “Once Again” (2020).

Now, in 2023, you can see him in an action role in the Netflix series Bloodhounds.



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