Black Knight Kdrama Ending Explained: The last and final Episode of Netflix 2023 Korean Drama Show Black Knight is here. The series is having total 6 Episodes each with around 40 Minutes long. Now here goes the Recap and ending of the Episode 6 of the show.

“So, Mr. Ryu has inserted poison in purifier vehicles to make everyone ill. All his plans lead to destroying the refugees. After knowing Sa-Wol is the successful Mutant, what is he going to do? Will Mr. Cheonmyeong know his son’s all conspiracy? And the most important question is, will 5-7 succeed in killing Mr. Ryu? As we are doing episode-wise recap, let’s find out what will happen?

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So they already knew that Cheonmyeong’s power starts from oxygen. If the air gets cleaner, they will lose everything. That’s why they used poison in the air purifier. His first plan was to stop air purifier trucks. When 5-8 is on the way to kill Mr. Ryu, at that moment, a man points a gun at his head. Though without any harm, 5-8 survived, but he missed his attack on Mr. Ryu and also got to know that Mr. Oh, the secretary, betrayed them. The plan of 5-8 was unsuccessful, and Mr. Ryu got away from that place.

But Major Jung Seol-ah informed the chairman, as well as father Mr. Ryu, that all kidnappings and explosions at the refugee district, poison in the air purification vehicle, defines the involvement of Cheonmyeong group. Mr. Oh informed about the secret group of Deliveryman and also the involvement of Sa-Wol.

Later, Major Jung Seol-ah informed 5-8 that Chairman Ryu knows all the truths, and he is going to meet with the president. After their discussion finished, Mr. Ryu along with force attacked their secret place, but they already left. After this, Mr. Ryu appointed them as terrorists and tried to kill them all but captured Sa-Wol.

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Chairman Cheonmyeong went to meet with that old man, with whom 5-8 always met. From their discussion, we came to know that the old man was a scientist as well as a friend of Mr. Cheonmyeong. It took 5 more years to make the air core for Mr. Cheonmyeong because his friend wasn’t with him that time, which caused the delay in construction in District A.

Chairman Cheonmyeong and the President signed the bond to transfer refugees into the general district. Chairman Cheonmyeong gave all oxygen systems to the President, and the defense minister is trying to arrest Mr. Ryu. In this scene, Mr. Ryu requested his father to kill him. Before he could do that, surprisingly, that defense minister killed Mr. Cheonmyeong, and now they want to change everyone.

Black Knight 2023 Netflix Kdrama All Episodes
Black Knight 2023 Netflix

Mr. Ryu becomes the chairperson of Cheonmyeong group and stopped the delivery system until all terrorists are found. The situation is getting out of hand. Right Knight 5-8 gets his last plan to go into the Core district as soon as possible. That old man has the blueprint of the Core district, which he invented with Mr. Cheonmyeong. Twelve delivery men are considered terrorists, and their photos are everywhere.

On the other side, the vaccine which is given while checking up refugees during a physical exam, those people were dying. So, giving the vaccine to refugees and then making them eligible to go to the general zone is a conspiracy of Mr. Ryu. By this vaccine, he wants to kill all the refugees.

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All 12 delivery men, as well as the team of 5-8, were trying to save the refugees. Some succeeded while some failed. While trying to save his friends, Sa-Wol was captured, and his close friend died by the army. On the other side, the rest of the members of the 5-8 team are ready to save Sa-Wol and also to attack the core. Major Jung Seol-ah and her armies also joined them. Sa-Wol gets injected and becomes senseless in front of Mr Ryu. Black Knights started their attack in the core district at night.

“They fearlessly fought with them, and soon Major Jung Seol-ah’s armies joined them. Later, Major Jung Seol-ah went inside to save Sa-Wol in a situation where Mr. Ryu was taking blood cells from Sa-Wol, thinking this would solve his health problem. Soon, the Knights went inside and eliminated Mr. Oh. The fearless fight of 5-8 made him the hero of this series. Major Jung Seol-ah saved the president and arrested the defense minister.

Black Knight KDrama 2023
Black Knight KDrama 2023 Netflix

On the other side, Mr. Ryu, at the point of losing, started giving high pressure to Air Core energy, causing it to overload. 5-8 reached there but got shot by Mr. Ryu. A sudden surprise moving of senseless Sa-Wol distracted Mr. Ryu, and finally, he was killed by 5-8. So, the air core blasted, and all men came outside the core district because everything inside the core district was destroyed.

At the end, the President declared that the construction of District A was completely finished, and the relocation would begin soon. Refugees would be relocated to their areas according to their date of registration, and the government would provide the best and safe relocation facility. The government also removed the status system to stop the chaos between people. So, the refugees, general, special, and core citizen system would stop. The oxygen supply system would be reformed for people. Soon, people would live happily without discrimination.

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Three months later, 5-8 was doing his delivery works and sent a delivery to 5-7 aka Sa-Wol, who still couldn’t join as a delivery man. Their bonding will keep you till the end of the series. Soon, they saw clear sun after a long time, which clarified a perfect happy ending of this series. This six-episodic Korean series is a perfect gripping series that will hold you tight till the end. A dystopian future is saved by Black Knight, and we also witnessed the journey of Black Knight who saved mankind. This series is worth watching if you love Korean series.”



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