Black Knight Kdrama Episode 4 Recap & Explained (2023): 6 Episodic Netflix original Korean Drama Series Dark Knight is now streaming on the Netflix. The episodes are around 40-45 Minutes long and now here goes the Episode 4 Recap of the show.

Helping others proves that Sa-Wol is different from others, but will his reckless decision make him win or not? Let’s find out in this episode.

Sa-Wol helped one of his opponents and also qualified for the next stage. However, Sa-Wol was disqualified because his car was destroyed during the race. The opponent of Sa-Wol, a girl, was also not selected later because her hand was broken. Instead of her, Sa-Wol selected someone from the Refugees group.

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Mr. Ryu wanted all data on people, but Major Jung Seol-ah denied this due to privacy concerns, but later she gave in because Mr. Ryu had significant power. Mr. Ryu wanted to take control of everything. From 5-8 months ago, it was confirmed that nine years ago, Mr. Ryu massacred all refugees. Ryu had the defense minister in his hand, and his father was the president, which is why the Cheonmyeong group is now stronger.

Later, we see Major Jung Seol-ah and her team get a tip about a person who has a symbol on his neck. When that man was captured, he committed suicide by blasting that chief. Sa-Wol went to the special district for the final showdown, where Major Jung Seol-ah congratulated him. In this game, Sa-Wol had a lady mentor who was Knight 4-1. Promoting a refugee boy is the political idea of Mr. Ryu, and he succeeded because all refugees were cheering for Sa-Wol. 4-8 came to meet Sa-Wol in his room.

If Sa-Wol was selected as a delivery man, he would have a lot of responsibility. All refugees went to see the match of Sa-Wol, and for this, the Cheonmyeong group provided free food and oxygen. People were happy to see Sa-Wol.

Sa-Wol was taken into Air-Road, where no oxygen mask was needed in the core district because oxygen circulated all over the place. The whole area was full of trees and a blue sky. After seeing this beautiful place, Sa-Wol became so pleased.

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4-8 got a tip about a generating unit that was sent to District A. He and his team killed that unit and blasted their truck. Soon, this message reached Mr. Ryu’s assistant, and he informed Mr. Ryu instantly. Mr. Ryu went to meet his father, who already knew that he was talking about all person information and biodata.

Mr. Ryu wants this because he doesn’t want to add everybody to the relocation plan. He also said that the relocation plan must be ruled by the Cheonmyeong group, but his father denied it and said that it would be led by the government. His father also wants all people, including the refugees, but it looks like Mr. Ryu doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want refugees. He wasn’t happy with his father’s decision and informed his father that he would see a completely different person after that.

To see Sa-Wol’s match, the President also reached there. When she asked Mr. Ryu where his father was, Mr. Ryu replied “No” but did not mention the reason. Mr. Ryu said the relocation plan was the complete responsibility of the Cheonmyeong group. However, the President informed him that the decision had already been made. On the other side, 5-8 confirmed that all the marked people had a chip inside their neck, and that’s why they had a special tattoo. He captured a man and started interrogating him.

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On the other side, the final round of The Deliveryman Selection Competition started between a former soldier, Joo-Gyeong-nam, and Refugee 034, Sa-Wol. After winning the first round, Mr. Ryu asked his secretary about his secret plan. Later, we see some unknown people place a black bag where all the refugees are watching Sa-Wol’s match. 5-8 captured a man and found “A refugee plan” on his phone.

It was Ryu’s plan to group all refugees together, and at that time, they would kill them all. 5-8 instructed all refugees to reach that crowd. On the winning and losing situation of Sa-Wol, a completely dramatic plan is on the way to terminate refugees. Sa-Wol knocked out Joo-Gyeong-nam and became the winner. On the other side, Black Knights were unable to save the refugees. All of those who were present to watch the match died in the bomb blast.

While Sa-Wol won that match, it led to the conspiracy of Mr. Ryu. What he was thinking was so big that accepting Sa-Wol as a refugee made everyone believe in him, but soon he killed those innocent people.



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