The first two episodes for the Netflix original K Drama show Black Knight were really Amazing. The story is going Good and now all eyes are on the Next upcoming episodes of the show. we are covering the episode wise recap of the show and You can also check Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap of the Show.

“5-8 saves Sa-Wol later he wants to meet with 5-8. He stands in front of his truck. Will 5-8 stop the truck’s speed or not? Let’s find out and discuss it in this episode-wise recap.

It started with a past story showing how 5-8 killed all the soldiers and fought for the refugees. In the end, he was shot down by two soldiers. All dead refugees were sent to a place to be burned, but 5-8 somehow survived and killed them with his gun. Cheonmyeong killed all of those refugees. On that day, we saw grief in 5-8’s eyes.

Now back to the present. Sa-Wol comes in front of 5-8’s car and shows him a recruitment letter to join the Knights. Sa-Wol agrees that 5-8 is the strongest Knight among others, but 5-8 tells him to prove himself and become strong on his own. 5-8 also sets a date for Sa-Wol to prove himself, “10:00 AM, November 21.” Let’s see how Sa-Wol will prove himself as strong.

On the other side, 5-8 starts a meeting with 10 people in an old training center, where Major Jung Seol-ah arrives. 5-8 tells her that Cheonmyeong’s group is trying to kidnap those children. While they are discussing, Major Jung Seol-ah tries to kill them all, but when she reaches there, she finds everyone is doing training.

Later, she talks with 5-8, who tells her that 5-7 acted as a key. 5-8 says that 5-7 was killed by the blast of a chief inside his head. 5-8 gives that symbol to Major Jung Seol-ah and says that not only the general zone but also refugee children are being kidnapped. Major Jung Seol-ah orders her team to find these men with that symbol.

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Later, Major Jung Seol-ah goes to meet with Mr.Ryu, who is planning to shift District A into the core, and also upgrade the special and general District levels. For this upgradation, Mr.Ryu wants to see the database of all zones.

Later, we see Sa-Wol reaching the training center, where 5-8 is waiting for him for training. After training, Sa-Wol goes where the competition is happening and registers his name. He gets an ID card with the name Refugee 34. After that, hard training begins, making Sa-Wol the strongest among others. Fighting in low oxygen levels, Sa-Wol clears the first round. Later, he practices driving a car for the next round. In this round, Mr.Ryu also comes to see their performance, where 5-8 is also present. After a lot of fights between cars and guns, Sa-Wol fights fearlessly and also helps others.

Sa-Wol trains and becomes so powerful that he could join as a delivery man, but Sa-Wol is busy helping his opponents who are already defeated. He fights till the end and goes to the next round.”



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