“Black Knight (2023) Episode 1 Recap: Black Knight is a South Korean Sci-Fi series recently launched on Netflix. Six episodes are currently streaming on the platform with Hindi, English, and Korean languages, along with subtitles. Before starting an episode-wise recap, let’s know the quick overview of the series.

This South Korean Sci-Fi series is based on a dystopian future world that is almost destroyed by pollution. In this situation, a survival tale of left people who are trying to survive by depending on elite delivery drivers known as Black Knight. Let’s discuss the recap of episode 1.

The story starts with a comet colliding into Earth 40 years ago. All big cities sunk into the sea, but the Korean peninsula completely turned into a desert. Only 1% of people survived, so they needed new technology also with a new social order.

To deal with the pollution, a Gigantic Air Force was built to convert Oxyanium into oxygen, and that system works in a special mask. To protect the resources, a division of the population was established. A QR code was given to people, but this QR code is divided into three divisions: 1) General Districts, 2) Special Districts, 3) Core Districts. Others became refugees. But some of these refugees became tired of the discrimination, starvation, and lack of oxygen.

They became hunters and started to steal and plunder. They became Deliverymen and delivered oxygen and all other necessities to keep people alive. Deliverymen must be powerful as well as keep cool and calm. They have to fight other hunters to and send deliveries to their distinguished location. They must risk their lives to protect their cargo from the Hunters. For the refugees who don’t have QR codes, they want to become a Delivery Man. Because they are the last hope.

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In Gangnam Refugees district, a young boy named Sa-Wol aka Yoon Sa-Wol fights alone with some hunters. He knocks everyone down and so gets appreciated by his friends. He returned with all stolen surprise in his home. But he is thrashed by his older sister. He lives there with his sisters. Major Jung Seol-ah, his big sister, said he might get caught while trying to be Black Knight, so she stopped him from going outside for around 15 days. But the next day, he left to meet with his friends.

In the General District, Knight 5-8 reached after clearing all tests. He gave all supplies to an old man. Later he got an alert where some hunters were badly harassing a Knight 5-7. But Knight 5-8 is so powerful that he takes down all hunters and saves his fellow mate. Later he got a message from an unknown person to reach Gate 8 at 5 PM. While going there, he finds Sa-Wol and his friends over his car trying to steal deliveries.

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All his friends have fallen down, but Sa-Wol somehow managed to get into the car and get amazed. He asked, “you are the legendary Knight 5-8.” On the other scene, a huge tornado is coming. After it is gone, 5-8 reaches Gate 8, which is “District A”.”

Outside of Gangnam, in the Refugees district, there is a landmark called “Gwanghwamun Gate” that leads to the Core district. It is a place that is completely separate and isolated, surrounded by greenery, blue skies, and pure air. This unique place is located about 5 kilometers underground and was created by Cheonmyeong’s Creation. Madam President has requested that Cheonmyeong and his son expand the area even more.

Everyone is curious about what lies beyond the A zone, but even Major Jung Seol-ah is not permitted to enter. The guards of the area have even stopped the Major of Defense Intelligence Command. All aspects of the area are taken care of by the Cheonmyeong group. One night, Seol-ah and her team found the car of Knight 5-8 in the restricted area. She asked him why he was there, but he did not confess.

That same night, Knight 5-8 helped poor people in the area. He met a girl who wanted to become a delivery woman, just like him. He and his team are the saviors of the poor in the area, and even have a nurse on their team. They spend their lives helping ordinary people.

One day, while making a delivery to Sa-Wol’s home, Knight 5-8 left. Shortly after, a group of unknown delivery men entered Sa-Wol’s house and attacked his younger sister, Seul-ah. Sa-Wol managed to fight back, but unfortunately, Seul-ah died in the gunfire. One of the attackers shot Sa-Wol in the back of the head.



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