Black Knight Episode 5 Kdrama: The episode is Fast paced and Gripping and that’s why audiances are loving the show. W e are covering the episode wise recap for the Netflix’s newly released K Drama Black Knight and here we are going to tell you about episode 5.

Kidnapped children, killing refugees, which led to the evil mind of Mr. Ryu. He doesn’t want any refugees to survive. And in the previous episode, we saw something strange in the head of Sa-Wol. What was that? Let’s find out in this episode-wise discussion.

Standing in front of destruction, 5-8 remembered that day of his young years when he lost all of his people, and it’s happening again. Major Jung Seol-ah remembered the discussion of Ryu and his secretary during the match.

On the other side, Sa-Wol checked his head wound, and there was something in that wound that he came to know he is a mutant. After that, he got the tag 5-7 as a new delivery man. In the lab, scientists are surprised to see a healthy mutant for the first time. Ryu is happy because his experiment is successful and otherwise, he would have wiped out all the refugees.

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Where 5-8 is with his team, they are all discussing that this was Mr. Ryu’s plan as he doesn’t want the refugees in their new relocation plan. After this mess, 5-8 is planning to kidnap Mr. Ryu. 5-8 united Major Jung Seol-ah and gave her a mobile device to know all the plans of them. In that scene, Major Jung Seol-ah asked 5-8 what he is doing with the other ten former-refugee deliverymen. 5-8 replied, “Cheonmyeong to be destroyed.”

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The Major gave him words to help as much as she could afford. After winning the match, Sa-Wol returned to his own house with the prize. Major Jung Seol-ah came there to meet him and said he is looking perfect now. So, after the telecast, everybody knows Sa-Wol is a mutant. But Mr. Ryu and his experiment team took Sa-Wol’s blood and extracted mutant stem cells to run a test on a candidate who has the same symptoms as Mr. Ryu.

Sa-Wol went for his first delivery as a delivery man and also met with his friends, who were so happy. After a hectic schedule, he completed his first day. Chairman Cheonmyeong is doubting that Mr. Ryu is behind all the refugees who died. After deliveries cleared, he went to meet with 5-8. Then 5-8 informed him that when Sa-Wol was busy in the competition, hundreds of refugees died, and everybody turned into ashes. 5-8 also informed Cheonmyeong that he is behind this conspiracy because he doesn’t want refugees in his own world. Lastly, 5-8 gave him time to make a decision.

Later, Major Jung Seol-ah said she doesn’t have much proof to arrest Mr. Ryu. She also said that the government’s plan of the relocation is chosen, so they will start physical examinations on the refugees, and Ryu agreed to that. Major Jung Seol-ah thinks he changed and is giving up now, but she doesn’t know that this physical examination is one of the plans of Mr. Ryu for his experiment.

Later, we see that in the secret basement of 5-8 and his team where they had captured the man, there was a sudden attack by some unknown men and they rescued the man. Later, 5-8 got a phone and called the secretary of Mr. Ryu to meet him. The secretary was amazed because he hadn’t sent any team to rescue him, so it was a plan of 5-8, and he caught the secretary along with Major Jung Seol-ah.

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The secretary, Mr. Oh, said that he was in a death-threatened situation by Mr. Ryu, and he agreed to provide all details and information about Mr. Ryu. After this, 5-8 and his team started their first mission and got proof that Mr. Ryu was trying to insert poison in the air purifier, which would make everybody more unhealthy. Meanwhile, on the other side, Major Jung Seol-ah met with the chairman and other members, and they hacked all controls over the air purifier vehicles.

After losing lots of refugees, a shock was created in 5-8’s mind, and he wanted to kill Mr. Ryu. Later, 5-8 is seen with a sniper targeting Mr. Ryu. Will he shoot him at that moment or not? On the other side, everyone knows that Sa-Wol is a mutant. What will happen next? Let’s find out in the next episode.



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