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AIR (2023) Movie Summary & Ending Explained

AIR (2023) Movie Summary & Ending Explained: “Air” was released on Amazon Prime Video on May 12th. The story is about Nike attempting to sign a deal with legendary athlete Michael Jordan, and the movie also shows us how the branding system worked then and how it works now.

In this article, we are going to give you a small summary and explain the ending of the movie. This article contains spoilers, so if you want to watch the movie first, you can. Otherwise, let’s get started.

The story follows Nike salesman Sonny Vaccaro, who is trying to get Nike into profit after their recent deal signing with a new basketball player. They are facing a loss after the deal and are not expecting any profit in the future, so Sonny tries hard to convince Michael Jordan, who was at the peak of his career at that time, and he convinced his family too to take the deal. His job was also to convince Nike’s CEO, Phil Knight, to change the deal.

The Ending

How was Vaccaro able to sign the deal? Nike wanted to sponsor every basketball athlete at that time, but Vaccaro came up with another idea. He only wanted to sign Michael Jordan from the entire money the deal, which no one had even imagined at that time. To make his dream come true, he designed AJ 1 shoes with Peter Moore, a designer. But on the other hand, he also had to convince Jordan and persuade the CEO Phil Knight.

After thinking so much, he went straight to Deloris and James, parents of Jordan, and gave a speech in front of them, successfully convincing them. Finally, Nike was also convinced to take this risk.

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After signing the deal, he kept a strange condition in front of Phil, that the profit of every shoe sold would go to his son, and he agreed. The film ended with the expectation of almost $3 million in profit, but they ended up with a profit of $126 million, making the shoe most popular among people and Nike becoming the greatest brand of all time. The end shows how Phil Knight became one of the richest people, and the salesman also ended up as a major person for athletes’ rights.



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