AppleTV+’s Black Bird, a Psychological Thriller based on a real story of a convicted man called Jimmy Keene who after getting a 10-year sentence gets recruited by the FBI to coax a confession out of a suspected serial killer named Larry D. Hall in Springfield, one of the most uncertain and secure facilities of the US.

Episode 4 just released this week and it was just the start of terrifying incidents for James from him finding a Penthouse Magazine in Larry’s cell which contained some disturbing graphic images of women dismembered along more. He is terrified because as James is staying longer in the prison with Larry, he gets to know more of him and he’s getting more terrified of Larry and his psyche.

Episode 5 is a week away now but we have some insights about what is going to happen. We already know that Larry and James are getting a bit closer to each other by sharing about their families but James is particularly getting a bit paranoid or you could say, impatient so Jimmy is going to do something which provokes Larry in order to get him to talk.

However, the FBI agent McCauley and Police Officer Miller who is out and working together on the cases that can be tied to Larry have been at it, will get a breakthrough maybe, they link one of Larry’s whereabouts to the place where a girl went missing but it’s going to be something that specifically ties Larry to the murder.

On the other hand, the prison therapist that meets Larry to know how he’s doing and all is going to get very concerned about his behavior and maybe his psyche as to what is happening in his mind as he starts to share his mind.

This is all the information that we have on Episode 5 of Black Bird. Please comment what you think of the next episode, if any.


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