AppleTV+ Original Psychological Mini Series “Black Bird” focusing on a convicted drug dealer Jimmy Keene who is tasked by the FBI to coax a confession out of a suspected serial killer Larry D. Hall in exchange for his freedom just gave us an episode that by the end had us riled up about what’s going to happen and more like, how will the story develop?

According to the novel the series is based on, the title has a word in it and that is “devil”. The writer had classified Larry as a devil and up about now, we’ve seen specks of devilish nature but as we’re going to move forward we will go into his psychology and that will show the true devilish nature of Larry.

Episode 4 is going to release next week on 22nd July 2022 but we have some idea about what is going to happen. Episode 4 is titled “Whatshername” and that will be about an hour-long episode focusing on Jimmy and Larry’s relationship as Jimmy tries to get him comfortable.

There will be a prison riot in Episode 4 and things are going to get worse with strict actions in place while it cools down and that will end up with Jimmy and Larry being together. Being together and locked down while the riot calms down, they’ll get more time to talk and we will get more story developments.

Maybe we will see Larry opening up about the murders to Jimmy or maybe we’ll get more into his psychology as to why he only kills girls.


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