Black Bird Episode 4 Recap: AppleTV+ Original Psychological Thriller Mini-Series titled “Black Bird” based on the life of James Keene, son of a Police Officer who gets convicted for possession of firearms and drugs and is sentenced to 10 years of jail.

He gets a chance out of the year just after 7 months but the catch is that he has to coax a confession out of a suspected serial killer about the whereabouts of a dead body that the FBI thinks was one of his previous victims. Keene gets into the toughest of jails where everything is uncertain and has to befriend Larry D. Hall and try to get him to talk.

Episode 4 was released this week which gave us some of the insights into the mind of Larry D. Hall but at the same time, it was terrifying as well. James played by Taron Egerton goes into their cell of Larry and tries to find anything that might mirror his psyche and he does find one in the Magazine especially Penthouse Magazine where he’s drawn vulgar images of girls highlighting their private parts, in some, he has dismembered the body which terrifies James as he returns to his cell.

The Episode then shows a riot breaking out in the prison which Larry calls “Riot Quiet” saying there’s a specific kind of quiet in the prison when there’s a riot awaiting. Both of them are unhurt and reside in their cells where they talk a bit but the main thing doesn’t come when Larry and James are cleaning the mess with some other inmates where they get to talk for real about their insecurities and their childhoods.

We’re shown with earlier memories of Larry how he used to spend his time in the graveyard along with the memories of James when he was a kid loved by his father so much but his mother sleeping with other people and also when his mother leaves his father for someone who hits her every night and ends up hitting James while she does not stand up for him.

The Episode ends with a discussion about women in their lives with Larry saying to James if he wanted to hurt his mother, kill her or do bad things which he ends up revealing his one way of killing someone. James looked like he was trying to hold it together because each day he spends with Larry, he is getting more terrified of him and it sure looks that way.

Episode 4 ended on this note. Please let us know your take on the 4th Episode in the comments below.


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