Anzu In ‘Burn The House Down’: Anzu is the main protagonist of the series ” Burn The House Down“. She is a responsible girl, we saw a lot of dedication of her to know the truth. As people want to know about her, we are going to discuss who played this character and also a character’s explanations.

In the series, the character “Anzu” is played by Mei Nagano. She is 23 years old Japanese actress. Some of her movies are ” Half Blue”(2018), ” Riding a Unicorn”(2022), Mr. Hiiragi’s Homeroom (2019), ” My Broken Mariko “(2022), ” Motherhood “(2022), ” Daytime Shooting Star”(2017),” Daddy is My Classmate”(2020).

She was seen in the films like ” Masked Ward”(2020), ” Peach Girl”(2017), “It’s Flickering Life “(2021), ” You Shine in the Moonlight “(2019), ” Love that Makes you cry “(2016). Some of her series are ” Voice Love “(2016), “Platonic”(2014), ” We Did it “(2017), ” Police in a Pod”(2021).

When Anzu was little she saw her house burned into fire & her mother take all the responsibility for that incident. She believed that it was not her mother who did this. After ages, she came back into the house as a housekeeper to find out the truth. As she knows it must be her stepmother behind that incident. She trying to do everything to find out the proof against her.

Sometimes she failed but again comeback stronger which represents her strong mindset. She is the only person who always believed her mom. That’s why she reached out to know the real truth. At the end of the series, she married Kiichi and started a happy life with him.

That’s all about Anzu. If you want to know more ask in the comment section.



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