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Yuzu In ‘Burn The House Down’ : Who Plays?, Character Explained

Yuzu is a sister of Anzu. For the demands of people, we are going to discuss who played with a character breakdown.

In the series the character Yuzu is played by Yuri Tsunematsu. She is a 24 years old Japanese actress. She did movies like “Kisaragi Station”(2022), “Dr.Chocolate”(2023), ” Okaeri Mone”(2021), “Have a song on your lips “(2015), “Rainbow Days “( 2018), “Life Untitled “(2019), “Sea of Revival”(2019).

She was also seen in “The Travel Nurse”(2022), ” Real girl “(2018), ” He don’t kill she don’t die “(2019), ” Befor we vanish “(2017). And she did some famous series like ” Alice in Borderland”(2020-2022), “The Naked Director”( 2019-2021), ” Reversal Orchestra”(2023).

Yuzu is the youngest character in this series, and her expression & behavior can tell us. But, she is also wise enough. She became friends with Shinji to know details of the Mitarai family as well as Makiko. She wants to help her sister Anzu to discover the truth about who set the fire in their house.

As she believed her father can help her she started to meet with him. But unfortunately, her father betrayed her and that’s how she & Anzu lost all the evidence against Makiko. But that’s not the end she again came back stronger with her sister and found out the truth. She also falls in love with Shinji and at the end of the series, she got a job. That’s why her character got a complete conclusion.

Hope you got a clear idea about Yuzu if not then you can ask anything in the comment section.



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